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Art and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Banjara Needle Crafts, Banjara Needle Crafts art and craft, Banjara Needle Crafts art of Andhra Pradesh Banjara Needle Crafts(Embroidary)

Banjara Needle work form belongs to the nomads and gypsies of Andhra Pradesh. The embroidery of this form is live and vibrant. Banjaras in Andhra Pradesh display their colorful lifestyle through their exuberant clothes.

Bidri Craft  ( Sangareddy )

Bidri is an art from Hyderabad which takes its meaning from the town of Bidar, located near Hyderabad. Bidri is a form of surface ornamentation in black colors, which never fades and is coated with silver and gold coverings.

Bidri Craft, Bidri Craft art and craft, Bidri Craft art of Andhra Pradesh, Bidri Craft Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh
Bronze Castings, Bronze Castings art and craft, Bronze Castings art of Andhra Pradesh, Bronze Castings Arts & Crafts Bronze Castings

Art of Andhra Pradesh, the bronze castings are a paragon of excellence in sculpture. bronze castings art gives a feel of life to the icons by replicating the exact shapes of human organs. The artists seem to derive a authentic inspiration from nature in molding the metal into icons.

Budithi Brassware

There is a small village called Budithi in Central Srikakulam, a district in Andhra Pradesh. Here, life revolves around creating beautiful shapes out of alloys. The shapes range from the charmingly traditional to the elegantly modern.

Budithi Brassware, Budithi Brassware art and craft, Budithi Brassware art of Andhra Pradesh, Budithi Brassware
Cheryala Nakashi Paintings, Cheryala Nakashi Paintings art and craft, Cheryala Nakashi Paintings art of Andhra Pradesh

Cheryala Nakashi Paintings

Cheryala Nakashi Paintings done on cloth in earth colours is one of the traditional crafts practised mainly at Cheriyal village in Warangal district is home to the famous Cheryala scroll painting.

Chirala Textiles

The textiles of Chirala are quite well-known. The Chirala textile is made by using a large quantity of oil, which is used in preparing yarn for weaving. After the fabric is ready, it is wrapped with wax & clay before being colored in selected colors.

Chirala Textiles, Chirala Textiles art and craft, Chirala Textiles art of Andhra Pradesh, Chirala Textiles Arts & Crafts
Dokra Metal Crafts, Dokra Metal Crafts art and craft, Dokra Metal Crafts art of Andhra Pradesh, Dokra Metal Crafts Dokra metal Crafts

Tribal in origin, the Dokra metal craft is common to the tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.Primarily made from brass scrap the artefacts have a core of clay preserved within the metal casting, Birds and animals, local deities, door knobs, lamps, ornamental bells with chains are a few items commonly made.

The Famous Durgi Stone Craft Originated in the Durgi

The famous Durgi stone craft originated in the Durgi. It is situated 10 Kms from Macherla in Andhra Pradesh.

The Famous Durgi Stone Craft Originated in the Durgi, The Famous Durgi Stone Craft Originated in the Durgi art and craft
Etikoppaka Wooden Crafts, Etikoppaka Wooden Crafts art and craft, Etikoppaka Wooden Crafts art of Andhra Pradesh Etikoppaka Wooden Crafts

Availability of soft wood in many parts of the state has helped the toy industry flourish. In Visakhapatnam district, the area around Etikoppaka has an abundance of 'Poniki' wood that is used for making toys and dolls that are given a lacquer finish giving off a bright sheen.

Kondapalli Toys

A village 1 6 km from Vijayawada city is known for what have come to be known as Kondapalli toys. They may be of either Gods or Goddesses, ordinary folk or even birds, vegetables and fruits.

Kondapalli Toys, Kondapalli Toys art and craft, Kondapalli Toys art of Andhra Pradesh, Kondapalli Toys Arts & Crafts
Lace Work Crotchet, Lace Work Crotchet art and craft, Lace Work Crotchet art of Andhra Pradesh, Lace Work Crotchet Lacework Crochet

Lacework Crochet Made with thin threads and woven with thin stainless steel crochet needles of varying sizes, the exquisite hand crocheted lace works of Andhra Pradesh are very popular.

Lacquer Ware

Lacquer craft is the application of lacquer on wood in pleasing shades to create a distinctive appeal. Etikoppaka in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most important centres of this craft.

Lacquer Ware, Lacquer Ware art and craft, Lacquer Ware art of Andhra Pradesh, Lacquer Ware Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh

Nirmal Arts, Nirmal Arts art and craft, Nirmal Arts art of Andhra Pradesh, Nirmal Arts Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh Nirmal Arts - Paintings & Toys

The Nirmal art is generally found in the Nirmal town, Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. Here, many craftsmen known as Nakash reside. They are involved in Niramal arts, in which scenes from the Hindu epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana are painted

Pembarti Metal Ware

Scholars tell us of the age when iron was not known and copper and its alloys were used for making metal tools and objects of daily use. A small part of that age is still with us but mostly in objects of art.

Pembarti Metal Ware, Pembarti Metal Ware art and craft, Pembarti Metal Ware art of Andhra Pradesh, Pembarti Metal Ware

Siddipet Paintings of Batik technique, Siddipet Paintings of Batik technique art and craft, Siddipet Paintings Siddipet Paintings of Batik technique

Siddipet is well-known for batik wall hangings Siddipet Paintings of Batik technique involves dyeing of the cloth to produce intricate designs and patterns by using cold wax. Batik cloth also comes in the form of dress materials, scarves and sarees.

Silver Filigree

The district of Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh has long been recognized for it's exquisite Silver Filigree work. Silver Filigree work is an extremely intricate craft that requires great patience and skill. Each creation is generic, unique and different from others.

Silver Filigree, Silver Filigree art and craft, Silver Filigree art of Andhra Pradesh, Silver Filigree Arts & Crafts

Veena Manufacturing, Veena Manufacturing art and craft, Veena Manufacturing art of Andhra Pradesh, Veena Manufacturing Veena Manufacturing

This town in Vizianagaram district has an impressive tort that is better know today for the Saraswati Veena manufactured here. The Veena Manufacturing is unique and have a resonant tone. The beauty is matched by the performers of the area including the erstwhile Rajas and zamindars of Vizianagaram.


Carving or chiselling wood has become a fine art. The hard red sanders wood was used by artists at Tiruc hanur near Tirupati to carve toys and dolls. The art spread to Madhavamala nearby where artisans went a step further to make larger carvings of wood to adorn temple entrances.

Madhavamala, Madhavamala art and craft, Madhavamala art of Andhra Pradesh, Madhavamala Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh

Pochampalli Silk, Pochampalli Silk art and craft, Pochampalli Silk art of Andhra Pradesh, Pochampalli Silk Arts & Crafts Pochampalli Silk & Cotton Sarees

Pochampally is famous on account of its exquisitely designed silk & cotton sarees. The designs are uncomplicated geometrical patterns based on lkat process of weaving.


The Venkatagiri saris have graceful strains of gold all over. These sarees are available in cotton and silk, with pure silver zari and brocade designs in the border. The bright Venkatagiri saris have pleasant colours with golden dots, leaves, parrots or simple geometrical designs.

Venkatagiri, Venkatagiri art and craft, Venkatagiri art of Andhra Pradesh, Venkatagiri Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh

Dharmavaram Sarees, Dharmavaram Sarees art and craft, Dharmavaram Sarees art of Andhra Pradesh, Dharmavaram Sarees Dharmavaram Sarees

The Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh is famous for silk saris all over the world. No functions complete without wearing these sarees. These saris are specially worn on functions. They have simple, plain borders without much contrast. The borders of these saris are commonly broad having brocaded gold patterns. The borders also have butta and the pallus of the saris have special designs.

Eluru Carpets

The Eluru in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its woolen pile carpet industry. This art from was brought to India by the Persians who migrated to Andhra Pradesh during the Muhammaddin regime. Later, they developed the carpet industry here.Most of the carpets produced here are exported.

Eluru Carpets, Eluru Carpets art and craft, Eluru Carpets art of Andhra Pradesh, Eluru Carpets Arts & Crafts

Gadwal Sarees, Gadwal Sarees art and craft, Gadwal Sarees art of Andhra Pradesh, Gadwal Sarees Arts & Crafts Gadwal Sarees

Gadwal located in Andhra Pradesh is famous all over the world for its beautiful saris. The body of the Sari is cotton whereas the border and pallu are in silk. The cotton and silk fabrics are woven separately and then attached together. Rich traditional designs adorn the pallu and the border.

Ikat Weaving

This is a skill that requires a lot of intricacy. It is a style of weaving, where the yarn is randomly dyed in natural zigzag or geometric patterns. The Ikat weaving originated in Nalgonda district of andhra Pradesh. This internationally acclaimed weaving form, is now practiced mainly in Puttapaka,

Ikat Weaving, Ikat Weaving art and craft, Ikat Weaving art of Andhra Pradesh, Ikat Weaving Arts & Crafts In Andhra Pradesh

Uppada Sarees, Uppada Sarees art and craft, Uppada Sarees art of Andhra Pradesh, Uppada Sarees Arts & Crafts Uppada Sarees

Uppada, a beach town situated 20 kms from Kakinada is famous for wonderfully designed cotton sarees. At Peddapuram, 20 kms from Kakinada one can shop for exquisitely designed silk sarees produced by local artisans.

Craft of Painted & Printed Fabrics

Kalamkari is the craft of painted and printed fabrics. It is an art form that was developed both for decoration and religious ornamentation.

Craft of Painted & Printed Fabrics, Craft of Painted & Printed Fabrics art and craft, Craft of Painted & Printed Fabrics

Mangalagiri Sarees, Mangalagiri Sarees art and craft, Mangalagiri Sarees art of Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri Sarees Mangalagiri Sarees (Mangalagiri)

The Mangalagiri saris and dress materials are made from Mangalgiri cotton, which is quite popular here. Mangalagiri, located 12 Kms from Vijayawada is also an important pilgrimage center in Andhra Pradesh.


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