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Fairs and Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh

Choekhor Festival, Choekhor Festival fairs festivals, Choekhor Festival travel, Choekhor Festival of Arunachal Pradesh Choekhor

After the crops are sown and at the time of little agricultural activity, in the seventh month of lunar calendar, a rite known as "Choekor" is organised in the villages by the entire village community

Dukpa Tse-Shi

The Dukpa Tse-Shi Festival celebrates the preaching of the Four Nobel Truths at Sarnath by Buddha. It falls in the 6th month of the Lunar calendar.  

Dukpa Tse-Shi Festival, Dukpa Tse-Shi Festival fairs festivals, Dukpa Tse-Shi Festival travel, Dukpa Tse-Shi Festival
Ganden Ngamchoe, Ganden Ngamchoe fairs festivals, Ganden Ngamchoe travel, Ganden Ngamchoe of Arunachal Pradesh Ganden Ngamchoe

Ganden Ngamchoe commemorates the death of Tsongkha-pa, the founder of Gelugpa Sect .

Khan Festival

Another festival is the Khan festival, an occasion for the reunion of the people. Besides the usual festivities, the significance of the festival lies in the ceremony whereby the priest ties a piece of wool around everybody's neck.

Khan Festival, Khan Festival fairs festivals, Khan Festival travel, Khan Festival of Arunachal Pradesh
Torgya Festival, Torgya Festival fairs festivals, Torgya Festival travel, Torgya Festival of Arunachal Pradesh Torgya

The Torgya Festival is a 3-day affair. This important festival signifies the destruction of evil spirit and harmful forces and seeks the rule of prosperity and happiness amongst the people.


The New Year festival, called "Losar", is perhaps the most important festival of Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh. The Losar festival of the Monpas is their new year of festival.

Losar Festival, Losar Festival fairs festivals, Losar Festival travel, Losar Festival of Arunachal Pradesh
Monpa Festival, Monpa Festival fairs festivals, Monpa Festival travel, Monpa Festival of Arunachal Pradesh Monpa Festival

Monpas have a colourful festive heritage. Monpas festivals are related with agricultural practices and religious events.

Saga Dawa

Celebrated in the 4th month of the lunar calendar, the Saka Dawa festival marks Gautam Buddha's achievement of Nirvana.

Saga Dawa Festival, Saga Dawa Festival fairs festivals, Saga Dawa Festival travel, Saga Dawa Festival of Arunachal Pradesh
Sangken festival, Sangken festival fairs festivals, Sangken festival travel, Sangken festival of Arunachal Pradesh Sangken Festival

Sangken festival, is an occasion to bathe the images of Lord Buddha ceremoniously. Sangken festival also heralds the new year and people sprinkle water on each other as a sign of merriment.

Solungs-Adi Festival

Solung is the colourful festival of the Adi Minyong group. The festivities last for seven days and the villagers prepare rice beer and store plenty of meat and vegetables for the joyous occasion.

Solung-Adi Festival, Solung-Adi Festival fairs festivals, Solung-Adi Festival travel, Solung-Adi Festival of Arunachal
Tamladu Festival, Tamladu Festival fairs festivals, Tamladu Festival travel, Tamladu Festival of Arunachal Pradesh Tamladu Festival

Another important festival is Tamladu, essentially celebrated by the Digaru Mishmis tribe. During the festival, prayers are offered to the God of Earth and the God of Water for protection against natural calamities.

Lhabab Duechen

In the 9th month of Monpa, the Lhabab Duechen Festival signifies the reincarnation of Buddha as Shakyamuni.  


Lhabab Duechen, Lhabab Duechen fairs festivals, Lhabab Duechen travel, Lhabab Duechen of Arunachal Pradesh
Mopin-Adi Festival, Mopin-Adi Festival fairs festivals, Mopin-Adi Festival travel, Mopin-Adi Festival of Arunachal Pradesh Mopin-Adi Festival 

Mopin is another popular festival of the Adis, mainly of the Gallong community of the Arunachal Pradesh. This is normally celebrated in order to get rid of natural calamities diseases, effects of evil spirits and for good harvest, health, wealth and prosperity. In this festival Mopin,


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