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Cities of Bihar

Bodhgaya, Bodhgaya city, Bodhgaya travel Guide, Bodhgaya Travel and Tourism, Bodhgaya tours, travel to Bodhgaya Bodhgaya

The four most holy places associated with the Buddha are Lumbini, his birthplace, in Nepal; Sarnath, near Varanasi, where he preached his first message; Kushinagar, near Gorakhpur, where he died; and Bodhgaya, where he attained enlightenment.

Chota Nagpur

Blissfully remote and uniquely beautiful, the tranquil environs of Chotanagpur offer an ideal escape from the restrictions of civilization.

Chotanagpur, Chotanagpur city, Chotanagpur travel Guide, Chotanagpur Travel and Tourism, Chotanagpur tours, travel
Gaya, Gaya city, Gaya travel Guide, Gaya Travel and Tourism, Gaya tours, travel to Gaya, Gaya Travel Info, Gaya city Gaya

Bihar has some of the most sacred Buddhist and Hindu shrines. Gaya is one of the most important pilgrimage places for the Hindus.


The Chinese scholar and traveller Hiuen Tsang stayed here in the 7th century, and has left an elaborate description of the excellence, and purity of monastic life practised here.

Nalanda, Nalanda city, Nalanda travel Guide, Nalanda Travel and Tourism, Nalanda tours, travel to Nalanda, Nalanda Travel
Patna, Patna city, Patna travel Guide, Patna Travel and Tourism, Patna tours, travel to Patna, Patna Travel Info, Patna


Like Delhi, Patna too had been the regal seat of governance for successive kingdoms since ancient times. And to this day, it is the capital city of the state.


Pawapuri, which is also known as, Apapuri, the sinless town, is a very sacred Jain Pilgrimage center. It was here that Lord Mahavira, the greatest profounder of jainism, attained salvation.

Pawapuri, Pawapuri city, Pawapuri travel Guide, Pawapuri Travel and Tourism, Pawapuri tours, travel to Pawapuri, Pawapuri
Rajgir, Rajgir city, Rajgir travel Guide, Rajgir Travel and Tourism, Rajgir tours, travel to Rajgir, Rajgir Travel Info


Amaravana or Jivaka's Mango Garden Site of the Royal Physician's dispensary where the Lord Buddha was once brought to have wound dressed by Jivaka, the royal physician during the reign of Ajatashatru and Bimbisara. Venuvana Site of the monastery Venuvana Vihar built by king Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside.


Sasaram houses the grand and beautiful mausoleum of Sher Shah, the man known for building the Grand Trunk Road across the whole of North India, that included Pakistan at that time.

Sasaram, Sasaram city, Sasaram travel Guide, Sasaram Travel and Tourism, Sasaram tours, travel to Sasaram, Sasaram Travel
Sonepur, Sonepur city, Sonepur travel Guide, Sonepur Travel and Tourism, Sonepur tours, travel to Sonepur, Sonepur Travel


Situated on the confluence of the river Gandak and Ganges, Sonepur, shaped like a triangle is demarcated by three mighty rivers - the Ganga, Gandak, and Ghagra that demarcate this district.


Vaishali is at a distance of 55 km from Patna. Named after King Visala of Ramayana, Vaishali has the distinction of being the capital of one of the first republics in the world run by the Lichchavis.

Vaishali, Vaishali city, Vaishali travel Guide, Vaishali Travel and Tourism, Vaishali tours, travel to Vaishali

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