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Home>>East India>>Fairs & Festivals of Bihar

Fairs & Festivals of Bihar

Chhath Festivals, Chhath Festivals fairs festivals, Chhath Festivals travel, Chhath Festivals of Bihar, Fair and Festival Chhath Festivals

Almost all civilizations have worshipped the 'sun god. But it has a exclusive form in Bihar. Chatt Puja is the only event where the setting sun is worshipped.  

Gaya - Pitrapaksha Mela

Arond september the sleepy town of Gaya is agog with people who come here for the famous Pitrapaksha mela or the ancestor worship typified in Sraddha ritual.

Gaya-Pitrapaksha Mela, Gaya-Pitrapaksha Mela fairs festivals, Gaya-Pitrapaksha Mela travel, Gaya-Pitrapaksha Mela of Bihar
Makar Sankranti Festival, Makar Sankranti Festival fairs festivals, Makar Sankranti Festival travel, Makar Sankranti Makar Sankranti

Also known as Tila Sankranti, the festival marks the starting of the summer season.


In the summer month of June, the people of Mithila in the village of Saurath organize a unique marriage mart in a mango orchard.

Mithila, Mithila fairs festivals, Mithila travel, Mithila of Bihar, Fair and Festival of Bihar, Bihar fairs festivals tour
Rajgir Dance Festivals, Rajgir Dance Festivals fairs festivals, Rajgir Dance Festivals travel, Rajgir Dance Festivals

Rajgir Dance Festivals

The multicolored festival of dance and music, Rajgir Dance Festival is held at Rajgir, the antique capital of the Magadha kings.

Sama -Chakeva

Sama is during the winter season that the birds from the Himalayas migrate towards the plains.

Sama-Chakeva Festival, Sama-Chakeva Festival fairs festivals, Sama-Chakeva Festival travel, Sama-Chakeva Festival of Bihar
Sonepur Cattle Fair, Sonepur Cattle Fair fairs festivals, Sonepur Cattle Fair travel, Sonepur Cattle Fair of Bihar

Sonepur Cattle Fair

Legend apart, the famous Sonepur fair in more of a cattle trading centre where incredible number of birds and cattle are brought from different parts of the country.


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