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Home>>East India>>Bihar>>Historical Place of Bihar

Historical Place of Bihar

Agam Kuan, Agam Kuan historical, Agam Kuan travel, Agam Kuan tourism, Agam Kuan Historical Place, travel to Agam Kuan Agam Kuan

Agam Kuan, the bottomless well, is an ancient relic of the Mauryan Emperor Ashok. located a little distance away from Ashoka's Charitable Hospital in the Kumrahar complex, is this famous Ashokan remain, the Agam Kuan,

Buddha Stupa

Sacred ashes were found enshrined in a casket here. The external of this stupa, which is now in a decaying condition, has a plain surface. One eighth of the sacred ashes of the lord Buddha were enshrined here in a stone casket

Buddha Stupa, Buddha Stupa historical, Buddha Stupa travel, Buddha Stupa tourism, Buddha Stupa Historical Place, travel
Coronation Tank, Coronation Tank historical, Coronation Tank travel, Coronation Tank tourism, Coronation Tank Historical Coronation Tank

Facing the Vaishali Museum is the good-looking lake known as the Coronation Tank or Abhishekh Pushkarni. Surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs, the water of the reservoir was assumed to be holy in the older days and all of Vaishali's selected representatives were anointed here, before their swearing in.

Fort Vishal

Fort Vishal, one kilometer lengthy fort is said to have housed the parliament of those times. This fort is named after King Vishal. The fort was a element of the oldest democracy in the world. The construction of this fort is worth giving a look. Apart from tFort-Vishal.phphe fort, the museum of Vaishali is worth visiting.

Fort Vishal, Fort Vishal historical, Fort Vishal travel, Fort Vishal tourism, Fort Vishal Historical Place, travel to Fort
Golghar, Golghar historical, Golghar travel, Golghar tourism, Golghar Historical Place, travel to Golghar Monument


Golghar or the round house, the huge granary was built in 1786 by Captain John Garstin, at the request of the then proprietor, Warren Hastings. Bihar experienced severe draught that resulted in acute food shortage in the year 1770. Alarmed by the condition faced by the people, this massive granary was constructed for the British army.

Khuda Baksh Library

Set up at the turn of the century, the library has a distinguished collection of rare Arabic and Persian manuscripts, It also contains the only books rescued from the plunder of the University of Cordoba in Spain. It is one of the national libraries of India.

Khuda Baksh Library, Khuda Baksh Library historical, Khuda Baksh Library travel, Khuda Baksh Library tourism
Lauria Nandangarh, Lauria Nandangarh historical, Lauria Nandangarh travel, Lauria Nandangarh tourism, Lauria Nandangarh

Lauriya (District Champaran)

contains, besides an inscribed Asokan Pillar, fifteen stupa-mounds. Four of them were excavated in 1904-07 and as two of them yielded a put down of burnt bones with charcoal and a gold leaf with a mother-goddess shape (akin to the one from Piprahwa), they were regarded by the excavator to be vedic burial tumuli.

Martyrs' Memorial

Life-size statues in front of the aged secretariat compound have been put up in memory of seven brave young men who faced bullets for the freedom of the country and sacrificed their lives in August 1942 in the historic struggle for India's independence during "Quit India" movement.

Martyrs's Memorial, Martyrs's Memorial historical, Martyrs's Memorial travel, Martyrs's Memorial tourism, Martyrs's
Munger Fort, Munger Fort historical, Munger Fort travel, Munger Fort tourism, Munger Fort Historical Place, travel

Munger Fort

The most famed and essential of the monuments at Munger is the fort, build on a rocky eminence projecting into the river Ganga which protects it from west and partly from the north, the extra sides being defended by a deep moat. the fort encloses an region of about 222 acres and has a route of 4 kms. It was construct during the time of the early, Mohammedan kings of India.

Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal is located on the eastern tassel of Bihar, on the western bank of river Ganga, Raja Maan Singh, the well-known 16th century Rajput common in Akbar's army, founded this city.

Raj Mahal, Raj Mahal historical, Raj Mahal travel, Raj Mahal tourism, Raj Mahal Historical Place, travel to Raj Mahal
Rohtasgarh Fort, Rohtasgarh Fort historical, Rohtasgarh Fort travel, Rohtasgarh Fort tourism, Rohtasgarh Fort Historical

Rohtasgarh Fort

Rohtasgarh Fort 39 kms from Sasaram are the remains of Sher Shah Suri's Rohtasgarh fort, It now occupies a part of the plateau about 4 miles east to west and 5 miles north to south, 28 miles in circumference.


Vikramshila situated 252 kms from Patna, in the district of Bhagalpur, is the site of an ancient University, Vikramshila. The university was founded by king Dharmpala, in late 8th century AD. After prosperous for years, it was plundered by invaders around 1200 AD.

Vikramshila, Vikramshila historical, Vikramshila travel, Vikramshila tourism, Vikramshila Historical Place

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