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Spiritual Places in Bihar

Bawan Pokhar Temple, Bawan Pokhar Temple tours, Visit Bawan Pokhar Temple of Bihar, Temple tour of Bawan Pokhar Temple Bawan Pokhar Temple

Hindu temple, Bawan Pokhar temple is located on the banks of a pond called Bawan Pokhar. The old temple, built during Pala period, enshrines beautiful images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Bodhi Temples

25 centuries before, a light was kindled here when Prince Sidhartha attained supreme enlightenment renouncing a kingdom and the luxuries of royal existence. in 531 B.C. It was here that Sakya prince first saw "light" under the Bodhi tree. The prince became "Buddha", the enlightened one.

Bodhi Temples, Bodhi Temples tours, Visit Bodhi Temples of Bihar, Temple tour of Bodhi Temples, Religious place of Bihar
Har Mandir, Har Mandir tours, Visit Har Mandir of Bihar, Temple tour of Har Mandir, Religious place of Bihar Harmandir

Har Mandir was in Patna, far from Punjab, where Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs who consolidated the soldier sect, was born in 1660.

Maha Bodhi Temples

The architecture of Maha Bodhi Temples is unparalleled in North India. It is supposed that in the 3rd century B.C emperor Ashoka built this temple. The canopy formation of Maha Bodhi Temples is very unlike and attractive from temples usually found in North India. To maintain the balance of the main tower there are four smaller towers.

Maha Bodhi Temples, Maha Bodhi Temples tours, Visit Maha Bodhi Temples of Bihar, Temple tour of Maha Bodhi Temples
Shershah Masjid, Shershah Masjid tours, Visit Shershah Masjid of Bihar, Temple tour of Shershah Masjid, Religious place

Sher Shah Masjid

Shershah Masjid was built by Sher Shah Suri, to commemorate his reign. Built in Afghan architectural style, it is one of the many beautiful mosques in Bihar and a landmark in Patna. An Afghan chieftain, who defeated Mughal Emperor Humanyun to rule Delhi. Locally known as Shershahi, the mosque was built in 1545, making it the oldest mosque in Patna.

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