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Bikaner Travel

Bikaner is one of the main tourist places for the tourists coming on a travel to Bikaner Rajasthan. There are the different forts, places and other wonderful temples that make travel to Bikaner city of India completely memorable one. One of the most beautiful and cultural cities of India, Bikaner is home to different tourist attractions such as the Junagarh Fort, Bhandasar Jain Temple, Ganga Government Museum, Lalgarh Palace, Gajner Palace, Camel Breeding Farm and the traditional Bazaars. A travel to Bikaner is attractive to almost every type of tourist. Your trip in Bikaner can start with an easy turn around the markets that are a main part of the city. Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan is an historic destination presenting ancient forts and temples, the art and architecture of Hindus and Mughals, and the depressing yet splendid scenery of the extensive Thar Desert. Significantly less developed from a tourist perspective than major Indian cities such as Bombay, Delhi or Agra, Bikaner retains its traditional cultural charm and displays little or nothing of the marketable spoils manifest elsewhere.

Bikaner is the true place for tourists to enjoy the grain of sand along with the forts and palaces. You can also take pleasure in your Bikaner travel with the delicious Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabji of Bikaner Rajasthan. Bikaner Travel is incomplete without shopping. Bikaner travel is one of the most popular tourist circuits of India. Bikaner, joyful with color for enjoying North India's charming cultural heritage. Bikaner Rajasthan is also the travel center of North India. A travel to Bikaner would cover the huge forts, majestic buildings, and the popular arts and crafts. Travel to Bikaner, the city of Mughals has a much older history.

Most Popular Attractions In Bikaner

Fort Museum

The city of Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan is also replete with museums including the Fort Museum of Junagarh Fort.

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Lalgarh Palace, Lalgarh Palace travel, Lalgarh Palace tourism, Lalgarh Palace Historical Place, travel to Lalgarh Palace

Lalgarh Palace

Designed by a Britisher for Maharaja Ganga Singh, this palace displays a superb blend of Oriental and European style.

Wood Crafts

Fragrant and fairly beautiful, sandalwood carvings come in a range of objects and themes-ranging from caravans of tiny camels to decorate a mantelpiece to key chains, paper knives and trinket boxes.

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Khatu Shyamji Fair, Khatu Shyamji Fair travel, Khatu Shyamji Fair of Rajasthan, Fair and Festival of Rajasthan

Khatu Shyamji Fair

Khatu Shyamji is famous for its Shyamji Temple. There is a steady stream of devotees the year round, but lakhs of them gather at the annual fair from Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Dwadashi.


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