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Historical Places In Goa

Ancestral Goa, Ancestral Goa historical, Ancestral Goa travel, Ancestral Goa tourism, Ancestral Goa Historical Place Ancestral Goa

Ancestral Goa situated at Laoulim, 10-km from Margao, ancestral Goa is a mock up village dating Back a century. Built in a green hillside, a guided trek takes one down the Goan memory lane.

Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery

Gallery Of Portraits of Portuguese Viceroys, Coins, Domestic Wooden Sculpture, Pre-Portuguese Hindu Sculptures This used to be a wing of the old Franciscan monastery and was converted to a museum in 1964.

Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Museum historical, Archaeological Museum travel, Archaeological Museum tourism
Archives Museum Goa, Archives Museum Goa historical, Archives Museum Goa travel, Archives Museum Goa tourism Archives Museum Goa

The Museum of Goa is housed at a new Building at the Patto Plaze near the ourem creek, Panaji. It exhibits ancient epigraphs, stone sculptures, bronze panels, wooden panels, miniature paintings, old manuscripts etc.

Cabo Palace

Built in 1540 AD reverse Fort Aguada on the south headland of the river Mandovi, the Cabo (the Portuguese word for cape) Palace fortress housed the Franciscan monastery, which later (1594 AD) became the official residence of the Governor of Goa.

Cabo Palace, Cabo Palace historical, Cabo Palace travel, Cabo Palace tourism, Cabo Palace Historical Place, travel to Cabo
Chapora Fort, Chapora Fort historical, Chapora Fort travel, Chapora Fort tourism, Chapora Fort Historical Place

Chapora Fort

After the Portuguese had won their rule in Goa the warning from Muslim and Maratha rulers went on. To protect themselves, the Portuguese built the Chapora fort in 1617.

Marmagao Fort

Guards Quarters 33 kms from Panaji; Four kms from Vasco da Gama, one of the well-known natural harbours on the west coast of India and the hub of intense maritime activity.

Marmagao Fort, Marmagao Fort historical, Marmagao Fort travel, Marmagao Fort tourism, Marmagao Fort Historical Place
Museum Of Christian Art At Rachol, Museum Of Christian Art At Rachol historical, Museum Of Christian Art At Rachol travel

Museum Of Christian Art At Rachol

Asia's first special Museum of Christian Art was opened at Rachol academy, located about 7-km eastwards of Margao in Salcete Taluka on 24th January 1994.

Museum of Goa Daman & Diu

The Museum of Goa concentrates on archaeological and archival material. Consequently the sculpture set displays antiquities from a variety of Hindu dynasties that once ruled Goa.

Museum of Goa Daman, Museum of Goa Daman historical, Museum of Goa Daman travel, Museum of Goa Daman tourism, Museum
Ruins Of  St. Augustine's Tower, Ruins Of  St. Augustine's Tower historical, Ruins Of  St. Augustine's Tower travel

Ruins Of St. Augustine's Tower, Old Goa

All that is really left of this church is the enormous 46 meters tower which served as a belfry and formed part of the facade of the church.

Terekhol (Terecol) Fort

Fort Terekhol situated on the Terekhol River, lies on the northern tip of Goa, on a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea. In its courtyard is the century old church of St. Anthony.

Terekhol Fort, Terekhol Fort historical, Terekhol Fort travel, Terekhol Fort tourism, Terekhol Fort Historical Place
The Big Foot Art Gallery, The Big Foot Art Gallery historical, The Big Foot Art Gallery travel, The Big Foot Art Gallery

The Bigfoot Art Gallery

Loutulim offers local artifacts (also spelt as artifacts) and handicrafts to visitors who come to have a glimpse of Ancestral Goa. Conceived as a means to promoting amateur artisanship in all its form, the Big Foot Art Gallery is one place that has played host to artists of State and National fame.

The Gate Of The College Of St. Paul

The College of St. Paul, once the main institution of Jesuits in India for imparting knowledge on Christianity, was built over the ruins of a mosque south of St. Cajetan's church at Old Goa in 1542.

The Gate Of The College Of St. Paul, The Gate Of The College Of St. Paul historical, The Gate Of The College Of St. Paul
The Gate Of the Palace Of 'Adil Shah', The Gate Of the Palace Of 'Adil Shah' historical, The Gate Of the Palace

The Gate Of the Palace Of 'Adil Shah'

The Gate of Adil Shah's palace was built before the Portuguese period. It is located just left (north) of the road leading to the Church of St Cajetan. It is about 3m high.

The Naval Aviation Museum (Vasco)

The first naval museum in Asia was inaugurated at Dabolim, Vasco in 1998 and opened for public from the 19th Oct 1998.

The Naval Aviation Museum, The Naval Aviation Museum historical, The Naval Aviation Museum travel, The Naval Aviation
The Pillory, The Pillory historical, The Pillory travel, The Pillory tourism, The Pillory Historical Place, travel

The Pillory (Old Goa)

Where the Kuchcha road branches off from the road to Neura, leading to the Church and Convent of the Cross of Miracles , is a single pillar on a raised platform, which once occupied the central place in the city square, and was used for punishing offenders of the law, who were tied to it and publicly whipped.

The Professed House & The Basilica Of Bom Jesus (Old Goa)

The Basilica of Bom Jesus has been declared a World Heritage Site. It contains the remains of St Francis Xavier, Goa's patron saint who founded the Jesuit order.

The Professed House, The Professed House historical, The Professed House travel, The Professed House tourism
The Viceroy Arch, The Viceroy Arch historical, The Viceroy Arch travel, The Viceroy Arch tourism, The Viceroy Arch Historical

The Viceroy Arch 

This was construct by Viceroy Francisco da Gama, the grandson of Vasco da Gama in 1597. It carries the deer crest of his family. On top of the arch on the side in front of the Mandovi river is a little statue of Vasco da Gama, fully attired in his royal uniform.

Aguada Fort 

Fort Aguada is strategically situated at the estuary of the river Mandovi and was constructed in 1612 as a guard against invasions from the Dutch and the Marathas.

Aguada Fort, Aguada Fort historical, Aguada Fort travel, Aguada Fort tourism, Aguada Fort Historical Place, travel
The Royal Chapel Of St. Anthony, The Royal Chapel Of St. Anthony historical, The Royal Chapel Of St. Anthony travel

The Royal Chapel Of St. Anthony

To the west of the tower of St. Augustine is the Royal Chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, the national saint of Portugal and held in grand respect by the Portuguese. It was built in the beginning of the 17th century.


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