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Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, Chapora Fort historical, Chapora Fort travel, Chapora Fort tourism, Chapora Fort Historical PlaceLocation : Goa
Built By : Adil Shah Of Bijapur
Also Known As : Shahpur
Nearby Attractions : Vagator Beach & Anjuna Beach

After the Portuguese had won their rule in Goa the warning from Muslim and Maratha rulers went on. To protect themselves, the Portuguese built the Chapora fort in 1617. However, unlike the Aguada fort, this fort did not remain unconquered and the Portuguese troops surrendered to the Maratha ruler, Sambhaj in 1684. The locals were not too pleased with this and had a number of conflicts with the Marathas and finally in 1717, the Marathas withdrew their force and the Portuguese again took over and rebuilt and added to the fort. The new structure was equipped with underground tunnels that ensured a safe getaway in case of an emergency. This idea although good didn't stop it from being invaded again and in 1739 the Marathas captured the Chapora fort again. However, two years later, in 1941, the Portuguese regained Chapora when the northern taluka of Pednem was handed over to them. However, in 1892 the Portuguese completely abandoned it and today only ruins remain. Though, there isn't much to see, the history lingers on.  


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