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Home>>West India>>Goa>>Spiritual>>Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple (Kavlem)

Shri Shantadurga, Shri Shantadurga tours, Visit Shri Shantadurga of Goa, Temple tour of Shri Shantadurga, Religious placeDeity : Goddess Shantadurga.
Built In : 1728 AD.
Location :
Kavalem, Goa.

There is the famous temple of Sri Shantadurga the goddess of peace who is said to have settled a quarrel between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu amicably. Sri Shantadurga is worshipped all over Goa and scores of temples have been devoted to this deity. At several places it is known by several names, "Thamai", "Sateri", "Bhumka", "Adimaya" and others.

Situated at the foothill of Kavalem, the Shantadurga temple boasts of a huge tank, a Dipa Stambha and Agrashalas. The temple was built in 1728 AD during the reign of Shahu Maharaj of Satara at the request of one of his ministers, Naro Ram Mantri.

The original site of Sri Shantadurga temple is Kardelivana of Quelossim in Mormugao Taluka, where the great bard Krishnadas Shama penned the epic "Sri Krishna Charita" probably in the 14th century on the lines of Dnyaneshwari.

Goan Temples
Goan temples are unique and stand apart from other Indian temples in their distinct architecture, location, spaciousness, and environment. Almost each and every village has one temple to serve the religious and spiritual aspirations of the Hindu devotees. Both old temples with a rich heritage of centuries and new ones attract hundreds of devotees from all over Goa and other parts of India. Dedicated to Shantadurga, the goddess of peace, this temple sports an unusual, almost pagoda-like, structure with a roof made from long slabs of stone.

Description of the Temple
Shri Shantadurga, Shri Shantadurga tours, Visit Shri Shantadurga of Goa, Temple tour of Shri Shantadurga, Religious placeShri Shantadurga Temple's walls are one of the attractions to be seen, since it is an ancient temple. All the three directions i.e the north, south and the east walls were completed recently. The temple is well-equipped with Agrashalas and accommodated with modern amenities and many halls. In front of the 'Nayanmanohar Deepstambho' (the tall structures alcoves built in for placing oil lamps.) is a lake which fascinates many people. A distinctive six-storeyed deepstambha and ratha (chariot) with some gilt work adorn the temple grounds. At the entrance of the temple there is 'Nagarkhana' which is generally used for instrumental purpose (light music), which makes the atmosphere in the temple nostalgic. It is interesting to note that amongst some other features of the temple, the dome. The dome of the temple is one of it's kinds and is listed in one of the best among the other temples

The original temple was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1564 but the idol was taken away safely to Kavalem where mahars or harijans took care of it for a year. Subsequently, it was brought to its present abode. A special feature at this temple is that Harijans are permitted to enter the sanctum sanctorum of this temple. The temple consists of a collection of pyramidal roofs with the addition of a dome on the slope in the bosom of a chain of mountains. Both the pillars and floorings are made of Kashmir stone. A Panchadhatu (five element) image of Shanta Durga rests in the 'Girbhagraha' with a six inch black color Shivalinga adjacent to it.

Generally during the abhishek (the auspicious bath of Gods with honey, curds and milk) of Shri Shantadurga, the Shivling which is kept close to her also gets the honors. Basically the abhishek is done at the same time for both the Gods.

The temple is engulfed with extraordinary scenic beauty. This land is very productive in terms of vegetation. The atmosphere and the climate is very healthy and the water here is very clear.

Festivals or Utsav
This temple is considered to have a festive mood through out the 12 months. And all the festivals are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. Listed below are the months and the festivals corresponding to it.

Chaitra : Ramnavami, Vasant Pooja
Vaishakh :
Akshyatatya Palakhi Utsav
Jyestha :
ShriLakshminarayan Pratishtostav
Shravan :
Nag panchami
Bhadrapad :
Muktabharani Vratostav, Anant Vratostav
Ashwin :
Navratri, Dasara, Kojagiri Palaki Utsav, Deepavali Utsav Palakhi
Kartik :
Tulsi Pooja (vivah), Aavali Bhojan, Navkaron Utsav
Margarishi :
Palakhi Utsav, Aavali Bhojan
Magh :
Jatroustav, Khand Rath, Palakhi Utsav, Sarvajanik Maharoudra, Nitya Pooja, Mahashivratri Rathoustav
Phalgun :
Shri Patt Pratishoutsav, Palakhi Utsav, Pournima Shimgo utsav

The most rejoiced festivals are when the 'Zatra' of this goddess is held. The Festival of Shantadurga Prasann, in January, involves a night-time procession of chariots bearing the goddess followed by over 100,000 faithfuls. In the colourful and dramatic Procession of Umbrellas at Cuncolim south of Margao, the same goddess is honored with a procession carrying a solid silver image of her to the original temple site.

The main gotras and their surnames

Kaushik Gotra
Harpati, Pisurlekar, Vaidya, Havaldar, Stalekar, Koppikar, Bhandari, Bhandarkar, Chinnarkar, Dhonde, Rege, Mantri, Nadkarni, Kulkarni, Asholdekar, Kudchedkar, Kotambakar, Talwalkar, Malkarnkar, Shirvaikar, Shaldekar, Hodarkar, Baldikar, Savardekar, Salavalkar, Suralkar, Sankordkar, Kholkar, Sankar, Varti, Shisani, Kundekar.

Vatsa Gotra
Varde, Valavalikar, Borkar, Bharne, Jakh, Sabnis, Aachmani, Khasnis, Pannavallikar, Kopalkar.

Bharadwaj Gotra

Pandikar, Pai, Paldikar, Gangolikar, Kalyankar.

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