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Gujarat Handicraft Furniture (Sankheda)


Sankheda Furniture, Sankheda Furniture art and craft, Sankheda Furniture art of GujaratAnother handicraft manufacturing that has become synonymous with Southern Gujarat is the lacquered furniture of Sankheda near Vadodara. Wood is curved with tools and painted with floral and intangible designs in bright shades of gold, silver, maroon, green, vermilion, and brown by using sticks dipped in a coloured mixture of dyes, powdered zinc, lac and resin.

The furniture and woodcrafts of Surat, Kutch and Saurashtra are also well-liked. The artisans of Kutch make wood take on gorgeous designs and intricate filigreed appearance of lace. Lacquered furniture similar to that of Sankheda is also made in Mahuva near Bhavnagar, Surat and Kutch. Minakari furniture from Rajkot, now made by only of few families is as attractive as Sankheda furniture and includes low slung chairs, which can replace sitting cross leg on floors, Indian styles and sofa sets, chairs, centre tables and settees. In textile centres like Jetpur, Kutch and Pethapur village of Gandhinagar district, a good by are old wooden blocks used for printing fabrics which can be joined into a table top, decorative screen or a partition or used as door knobs, ornamental pieces or paper weights.


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