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Home>>West India>>Gujarat>>Arts-Crafts>>Zari Embroidery Work

Zari Embroidery Work

Zari Embroidery Work

Zari Embroidery Work, Zari Embroidery Work art and craft, Zari Embroidery Work art of GujaratCraft of : Gujarat.
Main Centre : Surat.
Dates Back To : Mughal Period.
Principal Products : Gold & Silver Threads.

Embroidery is Gujarat's quintessential handicraft and many of the artisans are wives of herdsmen, nomads and agriculturists battling for a second income. Techniques vary with the community and region look for the simple needle work but exquisite effects of Bavalia embroidery to the fabulous bright yellow and red Banni embroidery; the embroidery of the Rabari cameleers, reminiscent of their pastoral life style, inlaid with triangular, square and almond shaped mirrors; the geometric and floral motifs of the Ahir community with circular mirrors; the chain stitches and tiny mirrors used by the Jats; the delicate soof embroidery of the Sodha Rajputs around Lakhpat ; the tiny broken mirrors embroidered into fabrics by the Mutwa cameleers; and the exquisite Mukka embroidery of the Hali Putras, Rasipotra and Node herds people.

Golden Zari
The Zari business of Surat is one of the oldest handicrafts whose origin can be traced to the Mughal period. The history of the 'zari' (gold embroidery) industry of Surat dates back to the Mughal period. Surat is one of the major and most important Zari manufacturing centres in India.

The principal types of products are real gold and silver threads, imitation gold and silver threads, embroidery such as the 'Chalak', the 'Salama', the 'Kangari', the 'Tiki', mainly the Ring and the 'Katori' for modifying in the Kinkhab (cloth of gold) and the Zari border weaving, embroidery, laces, caps, turbans, saris, and blouse pieces. Gold and silver threads are commonly used for weaving the 'kinkhab'.

Tanchoi Silk Brocade
The Tanchoi or silk brocade is woven on silk cloth is decked out with the designs of birds, animals, leaves, fruits etc. The cloth is used for costly saris, blouses and tapestry. The Kinkhab or the Indian brocade is woven on the silk with gold and silver threads.

Gharchola And Panetar
These silk sarees from Cambay are first woven with silk and zari threads and then tie-dyed or block printed.


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