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Beaches of Gujarat

Ahmedpur Mandvi, Ahmedpur Mandvi tours, Visit Ahmedpur Mandvi of Gujarat, Travel to Ahmedpur Mandvi Ahmedpur Mandvi

Information Location around 170 km from Junagadh Distance Ahmedabad (298 Kms) STD Code 02381 Language Gujarati, Hindi & English Climate / best Season/ Best Time To Visit The place can be visited round the year, but winter is the best time to venture in this area. Ideal months are October to March.

Beyt Dwarka

Okha, north of Dwarka is a jetty, from where one can get ferries for Beyt Dwarka, which is an island covered with temples, white beach, coral reefs and extensive marine life. Dolphins and porpoise can be seen surfacing to breathe; sea turtles, octopus, starfish, sea urchins etc. inhabit the beach.

Beyt Dwarka, Beyt Dwarka tours, Visit Beyt Dwarka of Gujarat, Travel to Beyt Dwarka, Beaches and Lakes of Gujarat
Chorwad, Chorwad tours, Visit Chorwad of Gujarat, Travel to Chorwad, Beaches and Lakes of Gujarat, Beach Holidays Chorwad

Entertainment rocky shores, boat riding & fishing Once the royal summer retreat of the pleasure-loving Nawabs of Junagarh, the imposing Chorwad Palace and the lovely expanse of beach before it combine to make Chorwad unique.

Diu Beach

Across Ahmedpur Mandvi lies the island of Diu, a sensuous blend of sun, sand and deep blue sea. Diu is situated 125 kms. From Junagadh. It is one of the country's finest beaches, and tourists who keep falling in love with it have spread its name all over the world.

Diu Beach, Diu Beach tours, Visit Diu Beach of Gujarat, Travel to Diu Beach, Beaches and Lakes of Gujarat
Gopnath Beach, Gopnath Beach tours, Visit Gopnath Beach of Gujarat, Travel to Gopnath Beach, Beaches and Lakes of Gujarat

Gopnath Beach

Swimming, Surfing A visit to Gopnath Beach is all what is required by a tourist and traveler who is on a jamboree to discover the delights of Gujarat and especially its divinely picturesque, scenic and resplendent seafront in the form of its various beatific beaches.

Hajira and Tithal

The industrial capital of South Gujarat, Hajira is located 28 kms. from Surat. The enjoyable Hajira beach is fringed by feathery casurina trees and has a relaxed holiday home for the visitors. This place is home to the biggest industrial powerhouses in the nation.

Hajira and Tithal, Hajira and Tithal tours, Visit Hajira and Tithal of Gujarat, Travel to Hajira and Tithal
Kutch Mandvi Beach, Kutch Mandvi Beach tours, Visit Kutch Mandvi Beach of Gujarat, Travel to Kutch Mandvi Beach

Kutch Mandvi Beach

Mandvi beach is one of the premium beaches in Gujarat and also in India and is also a historic port town of the Maharao of Kachchh. It is situated 60 kms away from Bhuj The seawater is blue and perfect for swimming.

Madhavpur Beach

A visit to India Tour Online, offers an informative insight into the Madhavpur Beach, situated in Gujarat. Madhavpur Beach, is home to the name of Madhav Raoji, and this place finds a mention in the Hindu scriptures, too. The temple of Madhav Raoji is a cynosure of all eyes along with the Madhavpur Beach, in this small town.

Madhavpur Beach, Madhavpur Beach tours, Visit Madhavpur Beach of Gujarat, Travel to Madhavpur Beach
Porbandar Beach, Porbandar Beach tours, Visit Porbandar Beach of Gujarat, Travel to Porbandar Beach

Porbandar Beach

he ancient maritime city of Porbandar is now a major center for industries of cement and chemical units. Though dhow making and fish drying still remain important activities.


Veraval Near Somnath, along the coast at Veraval, as you approach the old town, are long stretches of grey sand beaches which are now attracting those who are on the look out for off-beat beaches. Somnath Home to one of the 12 Jyotirlings of India, the temple city of Somnath or Prabhas Patan is situated in the state of Gujarat on the Arabian Sea

Somnath & Veraval Beach, Somnath & Veraval Beach tours, Visit Somnath & Veraval Beach of Gujarat

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