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Ravechi Fair

Ravechi Fair

Ravechi Fair, Ravechi Fair fairs festivals, Ravechi Fair travel, Ravechi Fair of Gujarat, Fair and Festival of GujaratLocation : Ravechi, Near The Rann Of Kachchh, Gujarat
Presiding Deity : February
Current Temple Was Built In : 5 Days
Famous For : Its Gaushala, Which Keeps Over 2,500 Cows.

Kachchh is a traveler's dream destination. The Great Rann and the Little Rann of Kachchh, the tidal marshes and creeks, the big mixture of land and water, arid grasslands, desert plains and fertile lands exist together.

Kachchh is house to over 16 communities including the Rabaris, Maldharis, Ahirs, Rajputs, Jaths, etc. A colourful lot of these communities are known for their exquisite handicrafts. The Kachchhi embroidery and woven fabrics have acquired international fame.

The mystical nature of Kachchh is evident from the number of places of religious significance in the district.
One such destination is Ravechi, known for the temple of Goddess Ravechi. Despite being situated near the Little Rann of Kachchh, Ravechi surprises one with its lake, numerous trees and its natural beauty.

Legend has it that originally the Pandavas built the temple with nine spires. The current temple was built in 1822 AD and is 54ft tall. The temple houses the idol of Goddess Ravechi as also a number of other deities. The temple of Ravechi is also famous for its Gaushal, which keeps over 2,500 cows.

Facilities of a 30-room rest house and kitchen exist for the visitors to Ravechi.

Places Of Interest Near Ravechi
12-kms from Ravechi is the Ukahadeshwar Mahadeo temple, which boasts of a perennial spring of clean water.

Ravechi is close to the Little Rann of Kachchh, the sanctuary of the Asiatic Wild Ass. The 4,850-sq-km sanctuary, of one of the largest in India, has sizable population of the Chinkara Gazelle, Nilgai Antelope, the endangered Indian Wolf, Jackal, Desert and Indian Foxes, Lesser Wild Cats, Hare, Desert Gerbil and Pale and Long Eared Hedgehogs.

Dholavira, 45-km away, is one of the most monumental Indus sites excavated in Gujarat. The excavated area has a 120 acre walled citadel, with dwellings made from clay of different colours at different levels, and reservoirs. The columns, gateways and engraved stones introduce visitors to the architecture of 2,500-1,600 BC. The town planning drainage system and the commercial facilities like markets and port are remarkable.

A sun Temple, almost as old as the sun Temple at Modhera and wit similar architecture, is in a near ruined state at Kanthkot.

A Shopper's Dream Location
Ravechi Fair, Ravechi Fair fairs festivals, Ravechi Fair travel, Ravechi Fair of Gujarat, Fair and Festival of GujaratKachchh is well known for the variety of handicrafts it produces. Embroidery is the historic living craft of Kachchh. The vibrant colours, designs ad motifs cast a spell on the shoppers. The various communities of Kachchh have their own distinctive styles of embroidery. The Pinjara community of Kachchh creates marvelous Namdas from locally grown wool. Apart from carpets attractive goods such as horse and camel saddles and wall hangings are made out of Namda work.

Equally attractive are the other handicrafts like Batik work, Rogan paintings on fabrics, clay painting, enameled jewellery (Minakari), etc.

Places On The Way To Ravechi

The sun Temple at Modhera, built between 1,026-27, is positioned in such a manner that the rising sun's rays illuminate the deity in the inner most sanctum through the main entrance. This temple is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya. The stone sculpture here are similar to those found at Konark and Khajuraho temples.

Rani Ki Vav
Rani ki Vav, a stepwell dated to 1,052 AD, is a massive seven storeyed subterranean structure with flights of steps leading to the water level. It has sculptures depicting voluptuous women, Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon, and the Avatars of Lord Vishnu. The queens and princesses are believed to have enjoyed the cool air in the chambers just above the water level.


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