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Spirituals of Gujrat

Ajitnath Temple, Ajitnath Temple tour, Visit Ajitnath Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Ajitnath Temple Ajitnath Temple

 Ajitnath Temple located 56 kms from Mehsana, nestled in the hills of Taranga, is the temple devoted to Ajitnath, the 22nd Tirthankara of Jains.

Bala Hanuman Temple

Since August 1st 1964, there has been a continuous chanting of 'Shri Ram', 'Jai Ram', 'Jai Jai Ram', or 'Ram Dhun' (invocation of Lord Rama) 24 hours a day.

Bala Hanuman Temple, Bala Hanuman Temple tour, Visit Bala Hanuman Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Bala Hanuman Temple
Jain Temples, Jain Temples tour, Visit Jain Temples of Gujarat, Temple tour of Jain Temples, Religious place of Gujarat Jain Temples

Out of a pair of Jain temples, one is committed to Adinath (the first Tirthankara) and other built to honour Shantinath (the sixteenth ).

Kalika Temple

Champaner-Pavagadh, usually referred to as just Pavagadh, is an key centre of pilgrimage in Gujarat, and has been so for centuries.

Kalika Temple, Kalika Temple tour, Visit Kalika Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Kalika Temple, Religious place of Gujarat
Modhera Sun Temple, Modhera Sun Temple tour, Visit Modhera Sun Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Modhera Sun Temple Modhera

Modhera is famous for its Sun Temple.The Sun Temple is one of the finest examples of Indian temple architecture of its period.

Shankeshwar Temple

Image Of Parsvanath. Shankheshwar Temple is a well-known old Jain pilgrimage site where a newer temple dated 1811-1812 AD, now stands.

Shankeshwar Temple, Shankeshwar Temple Spiritual, Shankeshwar Temple travel, Shankeshwar Templetourism
Takhteshwar Temple, Takhteshwar Temple tour, Visit Takhteshwar Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Takhteshwar Temple Takhteshwar Temple

Takhteshwar located on a hill, the site provides a panoramic view. This holy temple of Lord Shiva named in the memory of Maharaja Takhtasinhji is a very popular place.It is made of pure marble and constructed in the late nineteenth century.

Akshardham Temple

Lord Swaminarayan was born in Chapaya in UP, and took a 7 year pilgrimage to Gujarat to preach his religion. He built 6 temples, the first being in Kalupur at Ahmedabad, and his followers built a series of others.

Akshar Dham Temple, Akshar Dham Temple tour, Visit Akshar Dham Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Akshar Dham Temple
Dwarkadheesh Temple, Dwarkadheesh Temple tour, Visit Dwarkadheesh Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Dwarkadheesh Temple Dwarkadheesh Temple (Jagat Mandir)

Gujarat has been a gateway of commerce and culture between the East and the West and is one of the oldest civilizations on the earth.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid was construct by Ahmad Shah in 1423 and is placed in the center of the old city. The mosque was built in the Indo- Saracenic architectural era and is said to be the most beautiful mosque in the East.

Jama Masjid, Jama Masjid tour, Visit Jama Masjid of Gujarat, Temple tour of Jama Masjid, Religious place of Gujarat
Kirti Mandir, Kirti Mandir tour, Visit Kirti Mandir of Gujarat, Temple tour of Kirti Mandir, Religious place of Gujarat Kirti Mandir

This temple was built in 1936 by Maharaja Sayaji Rao to perpetuate the glorious memory of his beloved ancestors. Meaning 'Hall of Fame', it's a memorial for the Gaekwad rulers.

Rani Rupmati Masjid

Rani Roopmati Masjid, with its exquisite details and the grand Shah Alam complex are a living tribute to the reign of Muhmad Shah Begra of the 15th century.

Rani Rupmati Masjid, Rani Rupmati Masjid tour, Visit Rani Rupmati Masjid of Gujarat, Temple tour of Rani Rupmati Masjid

The Mosque of Sidi Sayed, near Lal Darwaja is world-renowned for its magnificent stone tracery.

Temple of Amba Mata

Amba Mata located on top of the peak, this is the temple where newly weds go to worship in order to ensure a happy marriage.

Temple of Amba Mata, Temple of Amba Mata tour, Visit Temple of Amba Mata of Gujarat, Temple tour of Temple of Amba Mata
Bahucharaji Temple, Bahucharaji Temple tour, Visit Bahucharaji Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Bahucharaji Temple Bahucharaji Temple

Famous for the temple of Goddess Bahucharaji, the town is 35kms. from Mehsana. There are three temples of the Goddess, of which two are termed 'Adyasthan' (the original site), and the center temple as a 'Madhyasthan'.

Hatheesing Jain temples

Built outside Delhi Gate in 1850 by a rich Jain Merchant, this is the best known of Ahmedabad's many ornate Jain Temples.Built of pure white marble, it has a paved courtyard surrounded by an imposing row of cloisters containing 52 shrines,

Hatheesing Jain temples, Hatheesing Jain temples tour, Visit Hatheesing Jain temples of Gujarat
JUMMA MASJID, JUMMA MASJID tour, Visit JUMMA MASJID of Gujarat, Temple tour of JUMMA MASJID, Religious place of Gujarat Jumma Masjid - Ahmedabad

Described by some as the most beautiful mosque in India, Jumma Masjid is located in the centre of the old city of Ahmedabad .


Maqbara was built around 1586, the tomb of Qutbuddin (the army general of the great king Akbar) has beautiful windows carved in stone; there is an old step-well in the large grounds surrounding it.

Maqbara, Maqbara tour, Visit Maqbara of Gujarat, Temple tour of Maqbara, Religious place of Gujarat
Rukmini Temple, Rukmini Temple tour, Visit Rukmini Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Rukmini Temple Rukmini Temple

Dating to the 12th-13th century, the Rukmini temple has beautiful carvings, specially on the pillars of the Sabha Mandapa.


The Someshwar Mahadev temple stands tall among the temples of India. The construction of the present temple in Junagadh district began in 1950.

Somnath Mahadev Temple, Somnath Mahadev Temple tour, Visit Somnath Mahadev Temple of Gujarat

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