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Home>>North India>>Haryana>>Art & Craft of Haryana

Art & Craft of Haryana

Pottery, Pottery art and craft, Pottery art of Haryana, Pottery Arts & Crafts In Haryana, Haryana Arts Crafts Pottery

Pottery is essentially a village craft, and Haryana is essentially a village state.

Embroidery, Weaving and Handlooms

Haryana is quite famous for its woven work, be it shawls, durries, robes or lungis. The Haryana shawl is known as "Phulkari".

Embroidery, Embroidery art and craft, Embroidery art of Haryana, Embroidery Arts & Crafts In Haryana
Painting, Painting art and craft, Painting art of Haryana, Painting Arts & Crafts In Haryana, Haryana Arts Crafts Painting

Haryana was always a rendezvous for various tribes, invaders, races, cultures and faiths, going right back to BC 2500, and it witnessed the merging of numerous styles of painting.


Rock and stone were the most common subjects for the development of art, right from the Maurya time to Harshavardhana to the Mughals and the British.

Sculpture, Sculpture art and craft, Sculpture art of Haryana, Sculpture Arts & Crafts In Haryana, Haryana Arts Crafts
Swang, Swang art and craft, Swang art of Haryana, Swang Arts & Crafts In Haryana, Haryana Arts Crafts Swang (Theatre)

The 'Swang' is the rural folk drama, which expresses the interplay of love, depicting mythological and modern tales of valour, sacrifice, humour and whatever else comes to mind.


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