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Faridabad, Faridabad city, Faridabad travel Guide, Faridabad Travel and Tourism, Faridabad tours, travel to FaridabadLocation
Southeastern Haryana Founded By: Shaikh Farid Main Attractions: Badkhal Lake, Suraj Kund Main languages/Dialect: Hindi, English, Haryanvi Faridabad is a southeastern town in the state of Haryana founded in 1607 AD by Sheikh Farid, Emperor Jehangir's treasurer. Sheikh Farid built a Fort and a mosque and slowly the town grew with refugees from Pakistan at partition. Now Faridabad is the most populated and industrialized city in the whole of Haryana. Faridabad alone is generating about 60% of the revenues of Haryana with its large number of industrial units. There is a belief that it was Baba Farid, an eminent Sufi saint, who founded Faridabad.

Faridabad Haryana, India is a very imaginative place for the improvement of India's economy but lots of people neglect its attraction to the tourists that gather to the cities doors. Faridabad Haryana specializes in industrial manufacturing and agricultural growth, much which stabilize the common of the Indian people. However, the recreation and tourist attractions still will surprise those who do come to the city.

Since Faridabad is in such a great geological place, with the rivers nearby it, Bhadkal Lake and Suraj Kund hand out as natural landmarks for those who want to get a glimpse of the magnificence of Faridabad. Ever since Faridabad Haryana started growing in population, more and more of these natural marks moved out. Lots of still enjoy visiting "Old Faridabad" as it is frequently referred to as.

Tourists also enjoy title out to some of the newest shopping centers and entertaining bowling alleys in the city. Again, thanks to the population increase in Faridabad in the 1990's, the city Faridabad began to enlarge to reach a generation that leaned towards the large scale shopping malls. The entire city Faridabad looks like to be shaping itself to fit a younger generation appeal. Faridabad is looking at a bright prospect that involves an increase in its tourists and its recreation opportunities for those inhabitants there already.

Tourist Attractions Badkhal Lake
Badkhal Lake, fringed by hills is a man-made embankment, which holds back the waters of the lake making it a perfect spot for water-sports. Next to Badkhal village, its name probably comes from the Persian word 'bedakhal', which means 'free from interference'. Formed in a scooped natural depression in the Aravalli hills, the lake is fed by rainwater and a small rivulet. On one inlet in the surrounding hill there are rest huts, which are small, cozy and compact.

Baba Farid's Tomb
The city of Faridabad is believed to have been named after Baba Farid. His 'mazar' (grave) in the town is a popular pilgrimage spot for the local population.

Faridabad, Faridabad city, Faridabad travel Guide, Faridabad Travel and Tourism, Faridabad tours, travel to FaridabadSuraj Kund Tourist Complex And The Crafts Fair
Situated at a distance of around 8 Kms from South Delhi, the Suraj Kund Lake provides the perfect getaway for both Delhiites and local residents alike. An ideal picnic spot, a Crafts Mela is held here every year in February. Tourists from all around the world flock to Suraj Kund to buy the best in Indian handicrafts. Close to Badhkal lake is the Peacock Lake, which is another picturesque spot.

Getting There By

Rail : Local trains connect Faridabad to Delhi and surrounding areas.

By Road : Haryana Roadways has a fleet of buses connecting the city to the neighbouring cities. Local Transport Metered autorickshaws, taxis, tongas, private and state-run buses.  


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