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Home>>North India>>Haryana>>Fair & Festivals of Haryana

Fair & Festivals of Haryana

Chetar Caudas Mela, Chetar Caudas Mela fairs festivals, Chetar Caudas Mela travel, Chetar Caudas Mela of Haryana Chetar Caudas Mela

Chetar Chaudas Mela is annually held in Pehowa, which has the holy Saraswati tank also called 'Saraswati Teertha' or 'Prithudak Teertha'.

Gopal-Mochan Fair

In Ambala, the most well-known fair is held at Gopal-Mochan close to Bilaspur in Jagadhari tehsil. There is a holy tank of the same name in the place.

Gopal-Mochan Fair, Gopal-Mochan Fair fairs festivals, Gopal-Mochan Fair travel, Gopal-Mochan Fair of Haryana
Gugga Naumi, Gugga Naumi fairs festivals, Gugga Naumi travel, Gugga Naumi of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana Gugga Naumi (Aug-Sep)

This is a religious festival, celebrated all over Haryana. It is connected with snake-worship and observed in August-September. A number of legends have clustered around Gugga Pir or Zahir Pir (the saint).

Haryana Day (1st September) at all Tourist Resorts

This festival celebrates the birthday of Tourism in Haryana. It was on Ist September that Haryana Tourism Corporation came into existence.This day marks the Tourism Day celebrations.Cycle rally-cum-race is held from Chandigarh on to Panchkula town,

Hayana Day, Hayana Day fairs festivals, Hayana Day travel, Hayana Day of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana
Janamashtami, Janamashtami fairs festivals, Janamashtami travel, Janamashtami of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana

Janmashtami (Faridabaad)

Janamashtami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temples witness an extravagant and colorful celebration on this occasion. Raslila is performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and to commemorate his love for Radha.

Mahabharta Festival or Geeta Jayanti(December) at Kuruksehetra

One of the most pleasant experiences that have begun at Kurukshetra is the Gita Jayanti celebrations. A series of events are held. These include the recitation of the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita,

Mahabhartha Festival or Geeta Jayanti, Mahabhartha Festival or Geeta Jayanti fairs festivals
Mango Mela, Mango Mela fairs festivals, Mango Mela travel, Mango Mela of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana

Mango Mela (June/July) at Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore

Organised in the months of June or July, the Mango Festival held at Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore is a dinner for the lovers of the king of fruits, mango.

Mansa Devi Mela

Mansa Devi Mela is held in Bilaspur village close to of Mani Majra (Chandigarh). There are two temples committed to the goddess here.

Mansa Devi Mela, Mansa Devi Mela fairs festivals, Mansa Devi Mela travel, Mansa Devi Mela of Haryana
Masani Fair, Masani Fair fairs festivals, Masani Fair travel, Masani Fair of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana

Masani Fair

Haryana's most legendary fair is held in honour of the goddess of small-pox, Masani whose temple is in Gurgaon village. There is a legend about this temple. There was a temple, holy to the goddess Devi, locally known as Masani at the village of Kesopur in the Delhi district.

Surajkund Mela

With the begin of the Surajkund Crafts Mela in 1981, Haryana Tourism set a precedent in organizing cultural events on a national level. Now internationally well-known, the fortnight long fair also celebrates the rhythms of folk theatre - all of which endear one to the simple charm of the Suraj Kund Mela village.

Suraj Kund Mela, Suraj Kund Mela fairs festivals, Suraj Kund Mela travel, Suraj Kund Mela of Haryana
Teej, Teej fairs festivals, Teej travel, Teej of Haryana, Fair and Festival of Haryana, Haryana fairs festivals tour

Teej (July- Aug)

Teej heralds the onset of Sawan (monsoon), which is necessary for the agricultural prosperity of the state. Dressed in all their finery, with mehndi on their hands, the womenfolk converge to welcome the rains. The festive occasion has them on their feet with gidda and kikli (two folk dances).

The Kartik Fair

The Kartik Cultural Festival of Haryana is the result of the consolidated effort of Haryana Tourism working with a number of allied agencies. The Kartik Cultural Festival was planned with the express view of promoting fort ambience, martial arts and the rich repertoire of both classical Indian music and dance,

The Kartik Fair, The Kartik Fair fairs festivals, The Kartik Fair travel, The Kartik Fair of Haryana

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