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Cantonment Church Tower
Chhachhrauli Fort
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Feroz Shahs Palace
Gujri Mahal
Ibrahim Lodhi Tomb
Jal Mahal
Raja Harsh Ka Tila
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Home>>North India>>Haryana>>Historical Places of Haryana

Historical Places of Haryana

Barsi Gate, Barsi Gate historical, Barsi Gate travel, Barsi Gate tourism, Barsi Gate Historical Place Barsi Gate

Built by Alauddin Khilji in Hansi is an important defensive structure just outside the fort and is an outstanding example of how defences were built with architectural finesse.

Cantonment Church Tower

This tower once shaped part of the St. James Church, which was constructed in AD 1806, shortly after the establishment of the cantonment at Karnal.

Cantonment Church Tower, Cantonment Church Tower historical, Cantonment Church Tower travel, Cantonment Church
Chachhrauli Fort, Chachhrauli Fort historical, Chachhrauli Fort travel, Chachhrauli Fort tourism Chhachhrauli Fort

Around 40 kms from Bhuj, Dhrang Fair is famous for the samadhi of the famous saint Menkan Dada who served the community with great love and commitment and won their devotion.

Chatta Rai Mukand Dass

This five-storey building has a number of halls, rooms and pavillions, and the Diwan-e-Khas (inner chambers) flaunts marble floors and pillars.

Chatta Rai Mukand Dass, Chatta Rai Mukand Dass historical, Chatta Rai Mukand Dass travel, Chatta Rai Mukand Dass tourism
Chor Gumbad, Chor Gumbad historical, Chor Gumbad travel, Chor Gumbad tourism, Chor Gumbad Historical Place

Chor Gumbad

The Chor gumbad is affectionately called the `signboard' of the town. Standing majestically and isolated upon a rock in the north of the town, this gumbad is a well pplaned square building with a large chamber within and four minarets outside at each corner.

Feroz Shah's Palace

Feroze Shah Tughlaq constructed a fort here and called it Hissar-e-Firoza (fort of Feroze) and dug canals from the Yamuna and Ghaggar rivers to irrigate the dry land.

Feroz Shah's Palace, Feroz Shah's Palace historical, Feroz Shah's Palace travel, Feroz Shah's Palace tourism
Gujri Mahal, Gujri Mahal historical, Gujri Mahal travel, Gujri Mahal tourism, Gujri Mahal Historical Place Gujri Mahal

Gujri Mahal is also in ruins, but its baradari (raised platform used for social gatherings) is in comparitively good state and it is made of stone taken from the Hindu palaces and temples that the Mughals destroyed.

Ibrahim Lodhi's Tomb

Ibrahim Lodhi's tomb is situated near a Tehsil Office at Panipat. Ibrahim Lodhi fought fiercely with his uncle Babur, in the battle of 1526 known as the First Battle of Panipat and was slain and buried at this place.

Ibrahim Lodhi, Ibrahim Lodhi historical, Ibrahim Lodhi travel, Ibrahim Lodhi tourism, Ibrahim Lodhi Historical Place
Jal Mahal, Jal Mahal historical, Jal Mahal travel, Jal Mahal tourism, Jal Mahal Historical Place Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is a pleasure palace located at Narnaul in Mahendragarh District of Haryana. Representing a mixed architecture of Persia and India, it stands in the middle of the tank Khan Sarovar. The palace was built in 1589 by Shah Quli Khan, a commander of 'Four Thousand' under Akbar.

Raja Harsh Ka Tila

The very old site, known as Raja Harsh-ka-Tila, is a wide mound approximately 1 km long and 750 m wide. 

Raja Harsha Ka Tila, Raja Harsha Ka Tila historical, Raja Harsha Ka Tila travel, Raja Harsha Ka Tila tourism
Shah Ibrahim Tomb, Shah Ibrahim Tomb historical, Shah Ibrahim Tomb travel, Shah Ibrahim Tomb tourism Shah Ibrahim Tomb

Sher Shah Suri (1538-46 A.D) had his tomb built in honour of his able grandfather, Ibrahim Khan, who served as an officer of the Lodhis at Narnaul. The monument was constructed under the supervision of Sheikh Ahmed Niyazi.

Shah Quli Khan Tomb

The beautiful tomb of Shah Quli Khan was constructed by Shah Quli Khan himself in 1574-75 AD.

Shah Quli Khan Tomb, Shah Quli Khan Tomb historical, Shah Quli Khan Tomb travel, Shah Quli Khan Tomb tourism
Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum, Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum historical, Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum travel, Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum

Towards the north of Thanesar and over looking the sarai built by Sher Shah Suri is the marble tomb of Sheikh Chehli.

Star Monument

Star monument is one of the most spectacular buildings in Haryana. This building houses the samadhi of Sh Tara Chand fondly called 'Maharaj ji' by his followers.

Star monument, Star monument historical, Star monument travel, Star monument tourism, Star monument Historical Place
Tomb of Khwaza Khizr, Tomb of Khwaza Khizr historical, Tomb of Khwaza Khizr travel, Tomb of Khwaza Khizr tourism Tomb of Khwaza Khizr

The beautiful tomb committed to Khwaza Khizr was built over the mortal remains of a local saint, who flourished during the reign of Ibrahim Lodi (AD 1517 - 1526).

Raja Karna Ka Kila

The very old site known as Raja Karna-ka-Kila, is a vast mound about 5-km west-southwest of Thanesar. The mound is about 10 m high from the general ground level. The excavation in the main mound revealed a three-fold series.

Raja Karna Ka Kila, Raja Karna Ka Kila historical, Raja Karna Ka Kila travel, Raja Karna Ka Kila tourism

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