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Metalwork, Metalwork art and craft, Metalwork art of Himachal Pradesh, Metalwork Arts & Crafts In Himachal Pradesh
Metalcraft is one of the most ancient and developed crafts of Himachal Pradesh. The traditional metals are pure copper and silver. Local craftsmenship in casting, ornamenting and engraving, show great skill, delicacy and taste. Legend has it that Sita, in the great Indian epic, the Ramayana wore jewelled butterflies and other precious ornaments in her hair and that these types of ornaments were made by the silversmiths of Himachal Pradesh

In fact, the common lota (a small globular pot for storing water) itself is available in so many different forms all over the state that it's amazing. Similar things may be used as everyday items at home.

Some of the more affluent homes possess beautifully fashioned teapots, smoking pipes, carved panels, doorknobs and various other artefacts. Metal workers haven't lost their magic touch; this centuries old craft is still one of the most vital traditions of the state


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