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Cities of Himachal Pradesh

Kullu, Kullu city, Kullu travel Guide, Kullu Travel and Tourism, Kullu tours, travel to Kullu, Kullu Travel Info Kullu

Kullu was once known as Kulanthpitha - 'the end of the habitable world'. Beyond rose the forbidding heights of the Greater Himalayas, and by the banks of the shining river Beas, lay the fabled 'Silver Valley'. Here is the core of an intricate web of numerous valleys - each of which is a visual delight and seems more beautiful than the other.


One day, Vaivasvata, tha seventh incarnation of Manu found a tiny fish in his bathing water. The fish told him to look after it with devotion for one day it would do him a great service. Vaivasvatatava cared for the fish till the day it grew so huge that he released it into the sea before departing,

Manali, Manali city, Manali travel Guide, Manali Travel and Tourism, Manali tours, travel to Manali, Manali Travel Info
Shimla, Shimla city, Shimla travel Guide, Shimla Travel and Tourism, Shimla tours, travel to Shimla, Shimla Travel Info Shimla

The British empire may have ceased to exist, but its echoes linger on in Shimla (2130m). As the 'Summer Capital' of the British in India.


Chamba town stands on the bank of river Ravi. It is one of the oldest princely state and dates back to the sixth century .

Chamba, Chamba city, Chamba travel Guide, Chamba Travel and Tourism, Chamba tours, travel to Chamba, Chamba Travel Info
Kangra, Kangra city, Kangra travel Guide, Kangra Travel and Tourism, Kangra tours, travel to Kangra, Kangra Travel Info


Kangra is a town in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India, and lends its name to the district of the same name. Kangra was called Nagarkot in ancient history. It is a town at the confluence of the Bener River and Majhi River.


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