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Home>>History Of Mount Abu

History Of Mount Abu

The history of Mount Abu is enclosed up in myths. According to one, Mount Abu derives its name from Mount Arbud when the youngest son of Himalaya, along with the support of a snake called Arbud flooded the gorge in the region with water to save Shiva's revered bull. On a more modern note, the history of Mount Abu point out that it was once under the rule of the Chauhan family and later served as summer retreat for the royalty. The British too supported this region and made it their spontaneous leave from the heat and dust of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu has been home to many sages and saints. Most famous of them was Sage Vashishtha who is believed to have created four agnikula Rajput clans from a fire-pit by performing a 'yagna' or fire sacrifice, to protect the earth from the demons. The Yagna was performed besides a natural spring situated below Abu, emerging from a rock shaped like a cow's head and hence the site was called Gaumukh.

We provide history of Mount Abu with complete information about the city and its appearance. Mount Abu history stands with it many spiritual details and facts that make it rather more attractive for travelers and tourists from all over the world.

Most Popular Attractions In Mount Abu

Dilwara Temple

The Jain temples at Dilwara, near Mount Abu are considered to be masterpieces of temple architecture.

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Ivory Carving, Ivory Carving art and craft, Ivory Carving art of Rajasthan, Ivory Carving Arts & Crafts In Rajasthan Ivory Carving

Among the most intricate and painstaking crafts is ivory carving. Under regal partronage, the most delicate art of ivory carving flourished, in the princely capitals of Rajasthan; Bharatpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Gogaji Fair

Gogaji Fair is held in the memory of a popular hero of the area who is known as Goga Veer among the Hindus and Jahar Peer among the Muslims.

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Museum Mount Abu, Museum Mount Abu travel, Museum Mount Abu tourism, Museum Mount Abu Historical Place, travel to Museum

Museum Mount Abu

The only hill station in western and central India - Mount Abu has been a centre of cultural activity since the prehistoric period.


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