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Home>>History Of Pushkar

History Of Pushkar

We provide history of Pushkar with complete information about its appearance. Pushkar history stands with it many spiritual details and facts that make it rather more attractive for travelers and tourists from all over the world. Pushkar located just 11 kilometers from Ajmer. Pushkar is one of the most visited Pilgrimage places in India. Though it is sheer in Indian mythological associations it is trip by International tourists too who realize the true spirit of Pushkar by its many fairs and festivals, camel safaris and colorful bazaars selling traditional Rajasthani clothes. According to mythology after you visit the Char dhamas in India you need to visit Pushkar to complete your escape. Therefore Pushkar forms and essential part of the Pilgrimage cycle.

An essential part of the history of Pushkar is connected to Brahma and the Brahma Temple located at the neighborhood of the lake. Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple is the only temple in India where Brahma is worshipped. Interestingly sufficient though Brahma is one of the holy trinity, he is not worshipped anywhere else in India or no temples are dedicated to him apart from in Pushkar. The mythological city of Pushkar Rajasthan used to be a favorite location for the Mughal rulers to Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple. According to history of Pushkar, Pushkar is the place where the Mughals and British met for the first time. The fantastic disguise of history and mythology make Pushkar one of the places that you would like to visit during your Rajasthan trip.

People consider the water of the Pushkar Lake to be very sacred and the ritual of taking dips in the holy water is believed to bestow salvation. The holy dip is most auspicious on Kartik Poornima. Even before sunrise, people descend the ghats, aided by the 'pandas' (Brahmin priests) to take the sacred bath. Offerings of coconut, flowers, and cash are made to the lake and the priests.

Most Popular Attractions In Pushkar

Brahma Temple

The Brahma temple is an important pilgrim centre for the Hindus. It is nestled in the Pushkar valley which lies beyond Nagaparvat and the Anasagar lake.

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Gadsisar Sagar Tank, Gadsisar Sagar Tank travel, Gadsisar Sagar Tank tourism, Gadsisar Sagar Tank Historical Place

Gadsisar Sagar Tank

This tank, south of the city walls, was once the key resource of water supply to the city and there are many small temples and shrines around the tank. In winter a wide variety of water birds flock here.

Karni Mata Fair

Karni Mata Fair is held double a year at Deshnok, a small city near Nokha in Bikaner district.

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Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, Travel to Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, Animals wildlife and heritage of Rajasthan, Wildlife Sanctuary

Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary

The 586 sq. kms. Sanctuary sporting a rich variety of wild life like the panther, sloth bear wild boar, four horned antelope and scientifically bred crocodiles in the lake are the major attractions.


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