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Home>>North India>>Jammu-Kashmir>>Fairs-Festivals of Jammu Kashmir

Fairs Festivals of Jammu Kashmir

Bahu Mela, Bahu Mela fairs festivals, Bahu Mela travel, Bahu Mela of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir Bahu Mela - April /October

This is one of the most popular Fairs in the state and is held twice in the year, i.e. first in the months of March-April and then in September-October. The fair is held in the Kali temple in Jammu and is attended by people from all over in large numbers.

Baisakhi - March

Baisakhi is also known as the harvest festival and is considered auspicious especially for marriages. Rivers, canals and ponds are thronged by devotees who unfailingly take a ritual dip every year. Many people go to the Nagbani Temple to witness a grand new year celebration.

Baisakhi, Baisakhi fairs festivals, Baisakhi travel, Baisakhi of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir
Chaitre Chaudash, Chaitre Chaudash fairs festivals, Chaitre Chaudash travel, Chaitre Chaudash of Jammu Kashmir Chaitre Chaudash - April

Chaitre chaudash is celebrated at Uttar Behni about 25 kms. from Jammu. Uttar Behni gets its name from the fact that the Devak River (also known as Gupta Ganga locally) flows here in the northerly direction.

Food and Craft Mela

This Mela is organised by J&K Tourism during Baisakhi every year. Held at the picturesque Mansar Lake-62 kms. from Jammu, it is a three day celebration of the local crafts and cuisine, where people from adjoining states also take part.

Food and Craft Mela, Food and Craft Mela fairs festivals, Food and Craft Mela travel, Food and Craft Mela of Jammu Kashmir
Hemis Festival, Hemis Festival fairs festivals, Hemis Festival travel, Hemis Festival of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival

Hemis -June

The Hemis festival is a religious fair that is held at the Hemis Gompa located in Ladakh. This festival began 12 years back and is marked by masked dances and other festivities.

Jhiri Mela - October

The Jhiri mela is held annually in the memory of a poor farmer who according to popular belief committed suicide to protest against the unfair demands of his landlord.

Jhiri Mela, Jhiri Mela fairs festivals, Jhiri Mela travel, Jhiri Mela of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir
Ladakh Festival, Ladakh Festival fairs festivals, Ladakh Festival travel, Ladakh Festival of Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Festival - August

Held by the branch of Tourism, the Ladakh festival showcases the rich culture of Ladakh. The festival is marked by dance performances, music shows and much more. Ladakh is a little known place, and the Ladakh Festivals give outsiders a chance to recognize the culture of this modern day Shangri La.

Lohri - January

This festival is also known as Makar Sankranti. It heralds the onset of spring. The whole of Jammu region wears a festive look on this day. Thousands take a dip in the holy rivers. 'Havan Yagnas' light up nearly every house and temple in Jammu.

Lohri, Lohri fairs festivals, Lohri travel, Lohri of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir
Losar, Losar fairs festivals, Losar travel, Losar of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Losar - January

Losar marks the onset of the Ladakhi New Year. The festival is noticeable by buying new clothes and jewelry, and holding big feasts. Celebrated by the Buddhists of Leh, it is not uncommon to see their Hindu and Muslim neighbors join the celebrations as well.

Purmandal Mela - February

The Purmandal mela is held at Purmandal that is located at a distance of 39 kilometers from Jammu. This fair has a special significance as it is celebrated on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. This festival marks the wedding celebrations of Lord Shiva with the Goddess Parvati.

Purmandal Mela, Purmandal Mela fairs festivals, Purmandal Mela travel, Purmandal Mela of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival
Shivratri, Shivratri fairs festivals, Shivratri travel, Shivratri of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir Shivratri -February

Celebrated with gaiety and fervor, the Shivratri festival of the Jammu Valley celebrates the union of the "jiva" (mortal) with Lord Shiva, the eternal. Dedicated to the Lord Shiva, the Shivratri is one of the biggest of the Kashmir fairs and festivals

Sindhu Darshan Festival (Ladakh)

Kashmir Hub offers you tours and travel packages to trip one of the most multicolored and attractive festivals of the Ladakh region in Kashmir, which is the Sindhu Darshan Festival. This festival is celebrated near Leh, the capital of Ladakh.

Sindhu Darshan Festival, Sindhu Darshan Festival fairs festivals, Sindhu Darshan Festival travel, Sindhu Darshan Festival
Id-ul-Zuha, Id-ul-Zuha fairs festivals, Id-ul-Zuha travel, Id-ul-Zuha of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir fairs festivals tour Id -ul-Zuha - July

Celebrated in July, this festival commemorates the trust of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham to Christians), who decided to sacrifice his son to God. On this day, lambs and sheep are slaughtered to reenact the Prophet's act of faith


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