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Arts-Craft of Jharkhand

Toy Making, Toy Making art and craft, Toy Making art of Jharkhand, Toy Making Arts & Crafts In Jharkhand, Jharkhand Arts Toy Making

Toupadana near the capital city of Rnchi makes very unusual wooden toys that are completely abstract. They are just pieces of wood painted to look like human figures with angular lines but no separate limbs. Hands are indicated only by painting lines on the body.

Wood Craft

Once a dense forest area, Jharkhand with the abundance of wood, resulted in the use this for creating variety of wood articles for household requirements. The artisans of the region were involved in beautifully designing different articles of household use.

Wood Craft, Wood Craft art and craft, Wood Craft art of Jharkhand, Wood Craft Arts & Crafts In Jharkhand, Jharkhand Arts
Bamboo, Bamboo art and craft, Bamboo art of Jharkhand, Bamboo Arts & Crafts In Jharkhand, Jharkhand Arts Crafts Bamboo

The bamboos found in the Jharkhand forest are thin but flexible and strong. Using these, the artisans of Jharkhand make different artifacts like basket, haunting and fishing equipment.

Paitkar or Folk Paintings

One of the oldest tribal paintings in India, these are also called scroll paintings due to its appearance, depicts life after death. This form of painting is in the process of extinction due to lack of funds for promoting it.

Paitkar or Folk Paintings, Paitkar or Folk Paintings art and craft, Paitkar or Folk Paintings art of Jharkhand

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