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Bhagta Parab

Bhagta Parab

Bhagta Parab, Bhagta Parab fairs festivals, Bhagta Parab travel, Bhagta Parab of Jharkhand, Fair and Festival of JharkhandThis festival comes between the period of spring and summer. Among the tribal people of Jharkhand this event is best known as the adoration of Budha Baba. People fast during the day and carry the bathing Pahan the priest, to the tribal mandir called Sarana Mandir.

The Pahan sometimes called Laya, gets out of the pond, the devotees build a chain, locking their thighs with each other and come forward to offer their bare chest to Laya for walk over. After adore in the evening, devotees take part in dynamic and vigorous Chhau Dance wit lots of gymnastic actions and masks. The next day is full of primitive sports of bravery.

The devotees pierce hooks on skin and get tied at one end of a long horizontal wooden pole, which is hanging on the top of a vertical Shal wood pole. The height goes up to 40 feet. The other end of the pole which is connected with a rope pulled around the pole by the citizens and the tied devotee display the breath-taking dance in the sky. This festival is more well-liked in the Tamar region of Jharkhand.


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