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Festivals of Jharkhand

Bhagta Parab

This festival comes between the period of spring and summer. Among the tribal people of Jharkhand this event is best known as the adoration of Budha Baba.

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HAL PUNHYA  is a festival which begins with the fall of winter. The first day of Magh month, known as ''Akhain Jatra'' or ''Hal Punhya'', considered as the beginning of ploughing.


This festival is a devotion of KARAM devta, the god of power, youth and youthfulness.Karam festivals is held on the 11th day of the phases of moon in Bhadra month. The groups of young villagers go to forest and collect wood, fruits and flowers.

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Rohin, Rohin fairs festivals, Rohin travel, Rohin of Jharkhand, Fair and Festival of Jharkhand, Jharkhand fairs festivals


This festival is perhaps the first event of Jharkhand. It is a festival of sowing seeds in the playing field. A farmer starts sowing seeds from this day but there is no dance or song like other tribal festivals but just a few rituals.


Sarhul is celebrated during spring season and the Shaal trees get new leaves. It is a worship of the village deity who is considered to be the protector of the tribes. People sing and dance a lot when the sprouting. The deities are worshipped with shaal flowers.

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Tusu Parab or Makar, Tusu Parab or Makar travel, Tusu Parab or Makar of Jharkhand, Fair and Festival of Jharkhand

Tusu Parab or Makar

This festival is frequently seen in the region between Bundu, Tamar and Raidih area of jaharkhand. This belt has a grand record during India's independence movement.


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