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Home>>South India>>Karnataka>>Arts-Crafts of Karnataka

Art-Crafts of Karnataka

Bhootha Aradhane, Bhootha Aradhane art and craft, Bhootha Aradhane art of Karnataka, Bhootha Aradhane Arts & Crafts

Bhootha Aradhane, Harige, Naga Nrutya and Vatte Kola

No less interesting is the Bhootha Aradhane or devil worship, very common in the coastal towns of Karnataka. Idols representing 'bhoothas' are taken out in a procession to the beating of drums and bursting of firecrackers. As the procession ends, the idols are placed on a pedestal.


Bidriware is a craft exclusive to Bidar, the 16th century capital town of the Bahamani Sultanate. Pretty designs are engraved on it with a growing chisel. Thereafter it is inlaid with pure silver wire which is then polished with a buffing machine.

Bidriware, Bidriware art and craft, Bidriware art of Karnataka, Bidriware Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Arts Crafts

Doll Making, Doll Making art and craft, Doll Making art of Karnataka, Doll Making Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Doll Making

Doll making is another craft famous in Karnataka evenly arranged on wooden platforms, decorated and displayed during the nine day Dusshera. Kinnal and Gokak in north Karnataka and Channapatna on the Bangalore/Mysore are famous for doll-making.

Folk Art and Craft

Some of Karnataka's folk arts and age-old rituals have given rise to many traditional handicrafts. The worship of spirits-the bhuta cult-in the coastal districts has confident the making of huge wooden idols, some of which are kept outside villages as guardians of the inhabitants.

Folk, Folk art and craft, Folk art of Karnataka, Folk Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Arts Crafts, Arts Crafts
Ivory Carving, Ivory Carving art and craft, Ivory Carving art of Karnataka, Ivory Carving Arts & Crafts In Karnataka

Ivory Carving

Lvory carving is another well-liked craft prevailing in the entire state. Articles carved delicately without excessively ornate image adjoining the figures, mostly showcasing the figures of god and goddess.

Karnataka Mysore Paintings

The story of Karnataka's arts and crafts is never comprehensive without a reference to the traditional Mysore paintings.

Karnataka Mysore Paintings, Karnataka Mysore Paintings art and craft, Karnataka Mysore Paintings art of Karnataka
Krishna Parijatha, Krishna Parijatha art and craft, Krishna Parijatha art of Karnataka, Krishna Parijatha Arts

Krishna Parijatha

A folk theatre art form well-liked in Uttar Karnataka. It is a mixture of Yakshagana and Byalatta with themes culled from the great epic Mahabharata.

Kunitha & Dollu-Kunitha

In Pata Kunitha, the major emphasis is more on the manipulation of pata (embellished bamboo pole, each measuring 10 to 15 feet high, carried by 10 to 15 artistes) than the narration.

Kunitha, Kunitha art and craft, Kunitha art of Karnataka, Kunitha Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Arts Crafts
Metal Ware, Metal Ware art and craft, Metal Ware art of Karnataka, Metal Ware Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Arts

Metal Ware

Bidar in Karnataka, is a famous for bidriware-a craft done on a metal plate of zinc, copper, tin and lead. Bidri articles ornamental jugs, bowls, plates pen holders, candle sticks and even paper knives. Nagamangala near Mysore is famous for its bronze items and Mangalore in the west coast boasts of domestic articles made of bell-metal.

Mysore Silk

The very word silk has a touch of class about it. Sensuous and romantic, it has captivated man for many centuries. In Karnataka, as in other parts of India where silk is fancied, it is, in fact, a way of life.

Mysore Silk, Mysore Silk art and craft, Mysore Silk art of Karnataka, Mysore Silk Arts & Crafts In Karnataka
Nagamandala, Nagamandala art and craft, Nagamandala art of Karnataka, Nagamandala Arts & Crafts In Karnataka


The People of Dakshina Kannada perform an elaborate ritual called Nagamandala to appease the serpent spirit. It is conducted in an extravagant manner throughout the night, wherein dancers known as the Vaidyas dress themselves as nagakannikas and dance the night away.

Sandalwood Craft

Sandal wood is native to the deciduous forests of Karnataka. Intricate carving in sandal wood has been practiced in Karnataka for over 1000 years. This expert skill handed down for generations, is concentrated in the Uttara Kannada and Bangalore districts of Karnataka.

Sandalwood Craft, Sandalwood Craft art and craft, Sandalwood Craft art of Karnataka, Sandalwood Craft Arts & Crafts
Stone Carvers, Stone Carvers art and craft, Stone Carvers art of Karnataka, Stone Carvers Arts & Crafts In Karnataka

Stone Carvers

Shilpis the stone carvers of Karnataka are supreme of all, they had won the master crafts-man awards at the national level while others have been assigned to carve stone idols for Hindu temples abroad, especially in the USA.


A trip to the coastal belt would be incomplete without watching the Yakshagana - an elaborate dance-drama performance unique to Karnataka. It is a rare combination of dance, music, songs, scholarly dialogues and colourful costumes.

Yakshagana, Yakshagana art and craft, Yakshagana art of Karnataka, Yakshagana Arts & Crafts In Karnataka, Karnataka Arts
The Craft of Wood Carving, The Craft of Wood Carving art and craft, The Craft of Wood Carving art of Karnataka

The Craft of Wood Carving

Karnataka has come to occupy pride of place in the field of wood carving. Holding a Vast densely populated forest reserves, the State provides enough raw material for its craftsmen who continue to employ age-old techniques for carving, inlay-work, coating, painting and lacquer articles in wood.


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