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Adventure-Wildlife of Kerala

Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary is a tranquil little sanctuary on the slopes of the Western Ghats. The highest peak of Katti Betta,

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary `Lying in Devicolam Taluk of Idukki district, chinnar was confirmed as a wildlife sanctuary in 1984. It is located in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife

Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Originally established to protect the Nilgiri tahr (Nilgiri Ibex),the Eravikulam National Park is situated in the Devicolam Taluk of the Idukki District.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 40 kms from Thodupuzha. This sanctuary extends over the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district spreading over 77sq. kms, at 450 - 748m above sea level.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife of Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Travel to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Animals wildlife

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a haven for Migratory Birds. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, and othermigratory birds flock the place from the month of November and return only by the end of April. The park is also famous for wide variety of Fish, Mussels and Crabs.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

The 14-acre sanctuary is an ornithologist's paradise and a favourite haunt of migratory birds like Siberian stork, Egret darter, Heron and Teal. There are also different varieties of local birds like waterfowl, wild duck, cuckoo, owl, water duck etc.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Travel to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Animals wildlife
Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Agasthyakoodam of 1890 metres elevation is in this sanctuary. Elephants, gaur, sloth bear, Nilgiri Tahr, jungle cat, wild boar, Nilgiri Langur etc. are seen. A crocodile rearing centre, deer farm and lion safari park are the main attractions near the dam site.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Tucked away in the valley between the Anamali Ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy Ranges of Kerala on the majestic Western Ghats is the Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary, a fine example of serene, tranquil and undisturbed eco system.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Peechi Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Peechi Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Peechi Vazhani Wildlife

Peechi Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary

It lies in the catchment areas of Peechi and Vazhani dams in Trichur District. Peechi, the headquarters of the sanctuary is 15 km by road from Trissur.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The forests of Peppara Wildlife sanctuary constitute the catchment of Peppara dam constructed across Karamana river and commissioned during 1983 to augment drinking water supply to Thiruvananthapuram city and suburban areas.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife and heritage of Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the well known wildlife sanctuaries in the south, Periyar sanctuary attracts a huge number of nature lovers every year. Also called the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is ideal for watching the animals in their natural habitat.

Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary, located 15 kms from Munnar is the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. Half the world population of the rare mountain goat is concentrated in this region.

Rajamala Wildlife Santuary, Wildlife of Rajamala Wildlife Santuary, Travel to Rajamala Wildlife Santuary, Animals wildlife
Shendurni Wildlife Sanctaury, Wildlife of Shendurni Wildlife Sanctaury, Travel to Shendurni Wildlife Sanctaury, Animals

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctaury

Shendurni Wildlife Sanctuary situated 70 kms from Kollam, on the Kollam-Shencotta Road, is a green valley of fine forests, situated on the banks of the Shendurny River. Steep and craggy peaks surround the sanctuary, which is dotted by several breathtaking ravines.

Silent Valley National Park

Located in the Kundali Hills of the Western Ghats, the Silent Valley National Park holds a valuable reserve of rare plants and herbs. The park is rich in its wildlife, and elephants, lion-tailed macaques and tigers are the most common denizens of this park.

Silent Valley National Park, Wildlife of Silent Valley National Park, Travel to Silent Valley National Park, Animals
Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife of Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Travel to Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Animals wildlife

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

In the dense tropical evergreen and deciduous forests and grassland patches is located the Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary. Home to a microcosm of India's bird population with about 500 winged species, the sanctuary was designed by Dr. Salim Ali, the renowned ornithologist.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipore of Karnataka and Mudumalai of Tamilnadu.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Travel to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Animals wildlife

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