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Ettumanoor Temple
Guruvayoor Temple
Kalpathy Temple
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Home>>South India>>Kerala>>Spiritual Places of Kerala

Spiritual Places of Kerala

Aaranmula, Aaranmula tours, Visit Aaranmula of Kerala, Temple tour of Aaranmula, Religious place of Kerala Aranmula

The temple dates back to the time of Mahabharata Parthasarthy temple, devoted to Parthasarathi or Lord Krishna is said to date back to the days of the Mahabharata. The Vaishnavite Alwar Saints have sung its glory.

Ambalapuzha Temple

This temple is well-known throughout Kerala for the milk porridge, 'Palpayasam' served here. At Karumadi, near by, is an image of the Buddha, a relic of the times when Buddhism flourished in the State.

Ambalapuzha Temple, Ambalapuzha Temple tours, Visit Ambalapuzha Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Ambalapuzha Temple

Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple tours, Visit Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple of Kerala Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple, known for the Mural paintings and stone carvings is one among the 108 temples devoted to Vishnu in India. A magnificent array of gods, goddesses, nymphs, sprites and demons adorn the seven-storey 'gopuram' that forms the temple tower.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

The presiding of the temple is Lord Vishnu seated on the serpent god, Adishesha. The temple is open to all visitors irrespective of caste, creed, and color.

Ananthapura Lake Temple, Ananthapura Lake Temple tours, Visit Ananthapura Lake Temple of Kerala, Temple tour
Cheraman Jama Masjid, Cheraman Jama Masjid tours, Visit Cheraman Jama Masjid of Kerala, Temple tour of Cheraman Jama Masjid

Cheraman Juma Masjid

This Mosque resembles temple. Built in 628 AD, in Al Hijra 7, that is, 7 years after Prophet's migration to Madina, it is the oldest Mosque in India and the second oldest in the world.

Chottanikkara Temple

The image in the shrine is not fixed to the ground and is mounted on loose sand. Water offered during ablution ceremonies percolates underground

Chottanikkara Temple, Chottanikkara Temple tours, Visit Chottanikkara Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Chottanikkara Temple, Religious place of Kerala
Ettumanoor Temple, Ettumanoor Temple tours, Visit Ettumanoor Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Ettumanoor Temple, Religious place of Kerala

Ettumanoor Temple

Situated 12 kms north of Kottayam town, at Ettumanoor is an antique Shiva temple, which was built in the 16th century. The temple, a sampling of the indigenous Kerala style of architecture, attracts many Hindu devotees from all over the state.

Guruvayoor Temple

It is supposed, the temple was produced by 'Guru', the 'preceptor of the gods' and 'Vayu', the 'god of winds'. This is perhaps the only temple in the state that hosts the largest number of marriages and rice feeding ceremonies (the ritual first meal for infants).

Guruvayoor Temple, Guruvayoor Temple tours, Visit Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Guruvayoor Temple
Kalpathy Temple, Kalpathy Temple tours, Visit Kalpathy Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Kalpathy Temple

Kalpathy Temple

The Vishwanatha Swamy shrine, the oldest Shiva temple is located 3 kms from Palakkad. The annual chariot temple is a gala event. The annual 'Ratholsavam' or Chariot Festival at Sree Viswanantha Swamy temple lasts for seven days.

Kanjiramattom Mosque

Kanjiramattom Mosque, is believed to have been built as a memorial to Sheikh Fariduddin. The famous Kanjiramattom Mosque is about 25 km from Kochi.

Kanjiramattom Mosque, Kanjiramattom Mosque tours, Visit Kanjiramattom Mosque of Kerala, Temple tour of Kanjiramattom Mosque
Koodalmanikyam Temple, Koodalmanikyam Temple tours, Visit Koodalmanikyam Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Koodalmanikyam

Koodalmanikyam Temple

Antique and historic Koodalmanickam Temple in Manavalassery is about nine kilometres from Irinjalakuda Railway Station.

Kulathupuzha Temple

Kulathupuzha Temple is located on a forest range on the Thiruvananthapuram - Shenkotta road, Kulathupuzha is known for the Sastha temple.

Kulathupuzha Temple, Kulathupuzha Temple tours, Visit Kulathupuzha Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Kulathupuzha Temple
Lokanarkavu Temple, Lokanarkavu Temple tours, Visit Lokanarkavu Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Lokanarkavu Temple

Lokanarkavu Temple

The Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple is a temple regularly alluded to in the Northern Ballads or the Vadakkanpattu of Kerala.

Madayi Mosque

This famous antique mosque in Kannur was built by a Muslim preacher Malik Iban Dinar in1124 AD and is located about 22 kms from Kannur town.

Madayi Mosque, Madayi Mosque tours, Visit Madayi Mosque of Kerala, Temple tour of Madayi Mosque, Religious place of Kerala
Malayatoor Church, Malayatoor Church tours, Visit Malayatoor Church of Kerala, Temple tour of Malayatoor Church, Religious

Malayatoor Church

Located 52 kms from Kochi, the Malayatoor Church is situated atop the 609 m high Malayatoor Hill. The church is dedicated to St. Thomas, who is believed to have prayed at this shrine.

Mangla Devi Temple

Mangala devi temple, the very old temple is located 15 kms from Thekkady. It lies unseen in the dense woods at the top of a peak 1337 m above sea level. The temple is built in the traditional Kerala style of architecture.

Mangla Devi Temple, Mangla Devi Temple tours, Visit Mangla Devi Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Mangla Devi Temple
Mannarshala Temple, Mannarshala Temple tours, Visit Mannarshala Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Mannarshala Temple

Mannarsala Temple

Mannarshala covers a district of 16 acres of thick green forest grove dedicated to serpent worship. The temple here is special in that the holy rites are presided over by a priestess.

Mar Thoman Church, Mulanthuruthy

Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church has great historical meaning for the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church. The Mar Thoman Church was established between AD 1110 and 1125.

Mar Thoman Church, Mar Thoman Church tours, Visit Mar Thoman Church of Kerala, Temple tour of Mar Thoman Church
Oachira Temple, Oachira Temple tours, Visit Oachira Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Oachira Temple, Religious place

Oachira Temple

Oachira is sole place of worship with neither a structure to house an idol nor an idol around which temples are usually built.

Pazhayangadi Mosque

The 500 year old Pazhayangadi Mosque (Kondotty mosque), in north Kerala is one of the prominent pilgrim centre of the Muslim society in Kerala.

Pazhayangadi Mosque, Pazhayangadi Mosque tours, Visit Pazhayangadi Mosque of Kerala, Temple tour of Pazhayangadi Mosque
Pundareekapuram Temple, Pundareekapuram Temple tours, Visit Pundareekapuram Temple of Kerala, Temple tour

Pundareekapuram Temple

Stop a Small hill called Midayikunnam Pundareekapuram is a little temple atop a small hill called Midayikunnam close to Thalayolapparambu, in Kottayam District.

Sabarimala Temple

This holy shrine, devoted to Lord Ayyappa is a renowned pilgrim centre atop the rugged hills of the Western Ghats. The sanctum sanctorum nestles 914 m above sea level, amidst the virgin forest wilderness of the Western Ghats.

Sabarimala Temple, Sabarimala Temple tours, Visit Sabarimala Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Sabarimala Temple, Religious
Santa Cruz Basillica Chruch, Santa Cruz Basillica Chruch tours, Visit Santa Cruz Basillica Chruch of Kerala, Temple tour

Santa Cruz Basilica Church

The Santa Cruz Basilica is a historic church that was built by the Portuguese. The church was elevated to a cathedral by Pope Paul IV in 1558 AD.

Sivagiri Temple

Narayana Guru Breathed His Last Here The 'Sivagiri Mutt' is a 'Ashram' founded by the immense Hindu reformer and philosopher, Sree Naravana Guru.

Sivagiri Temple, Sivagiri Temple tours, Visit Sivagiri Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Sivagiri Temple, Religious place
Thali Temple, Thali Temple tours, Visit Thali Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Thali Temple, Religious place of Kerala

Thali Temple

Thali temple, situated downtown is a significant temple of the former Zamorin Kingdom of Kozhikode. The temple is well-known for the 'Revathi Pattathanam', an annual competition of pedagogic skills.

Thirunavaya Temple

Thiruvanaya Navamukunda Temple, near Ponnani in Malappuram district is situated on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha. Holding immense historical importance, this is the place where 'Mamangam',

Thirunavaya Temple, Thirunavaya Temple tours, Visit Thirunavaya Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Thirunavaya Temple
Thirunelli Temple, Thirunelli Temple tours, Visit Thirunelli Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Thirunelli Temple, Religious

Thirunelli Temple

The Koothambalam , Situated 30 kms North West of Mananthavadi in the Wayanad region, Thirunelli Temple is known as the "main pilgrimage of South". Tucked away in the Brahmagiri Hills, Thirunelli Temple is encircled by the gurgling River Papanasini.

Thriprayar Temple

Thriprayar Temple, located south of Thrissur is one of the significant temples dedicated to Lord Rama. The impressive wood carvings, sculptures and Mural Paintings are an interesting sight to see here.

Thriprayar Temple, Thriprayar Temple tours, Visit Thriprayar Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Thriprayar Temple
Vadakkumnathan Temple, Vadakkumnathan Temple tours, Visit Vadakkumnathan Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Vadakkumnathan

Vadakkumnathan Temple

One of the oldest temples in Kerala Vadakkumnnatha is a prominent Shiva temple, in downtown Thrissur, Kerala.

Vaikom Temple

The Main Festival: Held in November-December Parasurama, the mythical founder of Kerala, is told to have built a temple here devoted to Lord Shiva.

Vaikom Temple, Vaikom Temple tours, Visit Vaikom Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Vaikom Temple, Religious place of Kerala
Valiyapalli Church, Valiyapalli Church tours, Visit Valiyapalli Church of Kerala, Temple tour of Valiyapalli Church

Valiyapalli Church

The St. Mary's Church, located 2 kms from Kottayam was built as early as 1550 AD. The church is well-known for its Persian stone cross, engraved with very old inscriptions.

Valliyoorkkavu Temple

The Tribal Dances accompanied by the Percussion Instruments Valliyoorkkavu Bhagavathy temple is located in the tribal areas of Wayanad hills at Valliyoorkavu, 3 kms from Mananthavady town in Wayanad district. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy.

Valliyoorkkavu Temple, Valliyoorkkavu Temple tours, Visit Valliyoorkkavu Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Valliyoorkkavu
Francis Church, Francis Church tours, Visit Francis Church of Kerala, Temple tour of Francis Church, Religious place

St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church is a stonework church set on quiet lawns amidst the bustle of Fort Kochi, 10 kms from Ernakulam. Initially named as Santo Antonio, this protestant church was originally built by the Europeans in India.

Thiruvalla Temple

Thiruvalla temple is one of the major temples of Kerala and a fine sampling of its long-established style of temple architecture.

Thiruvalla Temple, Thiruvalla Temple tours, Visit Thiruvalla Temple of Kerala, Temple tour of Thiruvalla Temple, Religious

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