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 Ladakh Travel

Travel to Ladakh Kashmir, an attractive land of wonderful charms. Travel to Ladakh Kashmir, the topmost glory of India with some fascinating environment and attractive attractions. Jammu & Kashmir tour presents some of the most uncommon to find destinations of the world.

If you are traveling to Kashmir, then don't miss your travel to the Ladakh section. Travel to the Ladakh, the coldest desert of the world with hard but attractive surroundings. Travel to Ladakh, Kashmir in India and enjoy your stay at one of the most challenging land of the world. Travel to Ladakh, a fairly place to visit with interesting landscape, navy like sky, soundless ambience, wrinkled faces, rosy cheeks, dragons and Zen. Leh-Ladakh - the land of Buddhist Gompas & Monasteries is the highest cold desert on earth. Travel to the precise land of Ladakh, and take a sight into the People & Lifestyle of Ladakh. Ladakh is unique in beauty and charm. Untruthful in the great Himalayas, Ladakh is synonimous with natural beauty and cultural heritage. The cool climes and the simple and modest people of Ladakh attract people to the land of the Buddhist monasteries and monks. Thus, Ladakh is not just about charming views of the the snow-capped peaks ratheralso about culture of Ladakhi people and their will to live gladly. We present information to you a cultural Ladakh Travel. We also present a stylish tour programme for Ladakh. Ladakh, a word which means "land of high passes", is a region of Northern India sandwiched in between the Karakoram in the north and the Himalaya in the south. Ladakh, which is made up from 2 districts of the Jammu & Kashmir state, is the highest region of Ladakh travel India with height rarely reaching below 3,000m.

Most Popular Attractions In Ladakh


Leh Palace

Lording it over the old town from the peak of a craggy granite ridge is the derelict palace of the 16th century ruler Sengge Namgyal.

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Losar, Losar fairs festivals, Losar travel, Losar of Jammu Kashmir, Fair and Festival of Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Losar - January

Losar marks the onset of the Ladakhi New Year. The festival is noticeable by buying new clothes and jewelry, and holding big feasts. Celebrated by the Buddhists of Leh, it is not uncommon to see their Hindu and Muslim neighbors join the celebrations as well.

Gompas in Ladakh (Ladakh)

Kashmir Hub offers you a exclusive chance to explore the Buddhist pilgrimages in Ladakh. Ladakh is basically a high altitude desert and is one of the most remote regions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. There are more than 100 Gompas or monasteries in Ladakh.

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Hemis High Altitude National Park, Wildlife of Hemis High Altitude National Park, Travel to Hemis High Altitude National Hemis High Altitude National Park

The Hemis National Park is located in the Ladakh division of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Situated at a distance of around 40 km southeast of Leh, it takes its name from the world famous Buddhist Gompa situated here.


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