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Bamboowork, Bamboowork art and craft, Bamboowork art of Madhya Pradesh, Bamboowork Arts & Crafts In Madhya PradeshChances are when you visit MP you'll actually find 'the house with the bamboo door'. Bamboo thickets are a common sight in the state and the tribals are experts at putting it to use. Crafting bamboo articles for daily as well as decorative use is a popular pastime of the Gond, Baiga, Korku and Basor or Basod communities. You can buy anything from agricultural implements, fishing traps, hunting tools to baskets at local weekly markets. Apart from Chhattisgarh and Bastar, the main bamboo producing centres are Shahdol, Balaghat, Mandla and Seoni.

Apart from baskets, brooms and, little rugs are also woven by the tribe. Next to craft is the tribal painting of Madhya Pradesh that has gained popularity over the years. This art, though present in all the tribes ,is mastered my the Gond tribe of Mandala. They have a peculiar style that reflects their creativity and perception of things around them. They paint deities , pictures of Nature or simlpy an event of a day to day life. Very colourful and descriptive this art has its own charm .In Gond and other tribes painting is not restricted to paper and does not entirely depend on synthetic colours. They make the ground and the wall their canvas and use limestone or charcoal as mediums to make various decorative paintings for their houses.

So as a conclusion it can be told that the tribes of Madhya Pradesh present an unequalled variety in art and craft world, using whatever nature has given them in little or in abundance. It seems as if they pay tribute to the nature and to their God for giving them such wonderful skill of making things beautiful and useful around them. And they indeed prove that ability is inborn and creativity is not learnt but a man is born with it.


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