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Iron Craft

Iron Craft

Iron Craft, Iron Craft art and craft, Iron Craft art of Madhya Pradesh, Iron Craft Arts & Crafts In Madhya PradeshThe tradition of iron craft in Madhya Pradesh has been passed down from generation to generation and stands unmatched in skill and creativity. In the interiors of Madhya Pradesh's villages, the craftsperson's practice traditional skills and techniques to craft iron in myriad inimitable forms. Iron crafting begins with obtaining iron ore from local mines which the ironsmiths mould into various shapes and forms.

Gond, Muria, Bhatra, Dhruva tribals, practice the tradition of offering horses, swings, trishuls etc. made out of iron, to gods on fulfillment of their wishes. There is also a custom of gifting to daughters gracefully carved "Deeyas" on their wedding. Keeping pace with changing times and tastes of buyers, today craftsperson's produce various objects : birds, carved deeyas, candle stands, lattice, furniture, lamps and pretty items, each piece an object 'd' art enabling the craft to reach its zenith.

Tribal statues have come to occupy a very special place in present day interior beautification and tribal artisans have won the recognition they so rightly justify.


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