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Textiles, Textiles art and craft, Textiles art of Madhya Pradesh, Textiles Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya PradeshGarments, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtain material are produced at Umedpura and Tarapur in nandana prints. The prints were once in trend between the villagers of the Nimar plain. From Bhairongarh came printed quilt covers, lungis, odhanis, jajams (floor coverings), bedspreads, and tablecloths. Tie and dye chunaries are the speciality of Tarapur and Mandsaur

Textile weaving in Madhya Pradesh is as refined as the hand printing craft. Soft, subtle shades in delicate weaves come off the looms in Chanderi, near Gwalior. Here, silk is used as the warp and cotton for the weft to make the famous Chanderi saris. Some saris have gold checks and these combined with the traditional rich gold border along with two gold bands on the pallav, give each sari a special touch.

Skilled craftsmanship is also on display in a multiplicity of zari-embroidered articles. There are zari wall hangings, handbags, saris and splendid brocade borders. Even though the number of zari workers-mostly women-has dwindled in recent years, Bhopal still remains an important center for this specialized embroidery.


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