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Maanch (Drama) - Stage

Maanch, Maanch travel, Maanch of Madhya Pradesh, Fair and Festival of Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh fairs festivals tourMaanch which is a form of operatic ballet is very popular in Malwa. The word Maanch is derived from the Sanskrit folk-form, Manch i.e. the stage. As an indigenous folk-form, Maanch seems to have its beginning in the seventeenth century.

On both sides the seats are provided for organisers and workers. The Guru or the leader sits on the stage itself. Provision for instrumentalists is made on the left side corner of the platform. The person who joins the singing of the refrain during the performance also sits near the 'Bara Ghant Ka Pat' or else gets a place near the instrumentalists on the stage.

Stage : Wooden poles and bamboos are used to supply the platform (stage) a height of five to six feet or even more from the ground. The length of the stage is generally thirty feet while the width is about twenty feet.

A different type of stage was also popular in Malwa in which instrumentalists used to sit on a separate platform at a considerable height. The acting place used to be pretty below this platform.

Both the platforms were connected to each other. In such a stage-design the performers have a definite disadvantage. For the actors, who depend upon the dholak and sarangi players at proper points while singing, will need to look up and thus lose the contact with the audience so vital for this folk form.


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