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Home>>West India>>Maharashtra>>Beaches & Lakes of Maharashtra

Beaches & Lakes of Maharashtra

Bassein, Bassein tours, Visit Bassein of Maharashtra, Travel to Bassein, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra, Beach Holidays Bassein

Bassein is in the peaceful location, which is 77 km away from Mumbai. It is closely Once upon a time a Portuguese fortified city. the Marathas beseiged it in 1739.

Dahanu Bordi

Not only for its wide and tidy beach, Dahanu is also known for its huge chikoo fruit orchids. Dahanu is 145 km away from Mumbai that comes under Thane district of Maharashtra. And Thane district is again known for its 17 km long sea line that stretches from Dahanu to Bordi.

Dahanu Bordi, Dahanu Bordi tours, Visit Dahanu Bordi of Maharashtra, Travel to Dahanu Bordi, Beaches and Lakes

Daman Silvasa-Vapi Beach, Daman Silvasa-Vapi Beach tours, Visit Daman Silvasa-Vapi Beach of Maharashtra, Travel to Daman Daman-Silvasa-Vapi Beach

The beaches at Daman (Devika Beach), a former Portuguese territory and now a Union Territory of India, is a beach that you must visit on your tour of beaches in Maharashtra for its Moti Daman Fort, Light House, Gandhi Park.


The waters of Ganapatipule are crystal clear and pristine. The entire stretch of beach is covered with fresh greeneries. The roadside sceneries on the way to Ganapatipule are captivating with narrow roads, red soil, roofed houses, clean courtyards, innumerable fruit bearing trees and casuarinas lining.

Ganapatipule, Ganapatipule tours, Visit Ganapatipule of Maharashtra, Travel to Ganapatipule, Beaches and Lakes
Harnai, Harnai tours, Visit Harnai of Maharashtra, Travel to Harnai, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra, Beach Holidays


Harnai is about 200 km away from Mumbai. Despite its quietness, it is emerging fast as a tourist destination as visitors from Pune and Mumbai are frequently visited this place to celebrate the weekends. Harnai fort is also a main tourist attraction of the area.

Juhu Beach

A decade ago the luxury hotels fronting this long stretch of sandy beach were as glamorous as it got among Mumbai's filmi crowd. Stories of wild pool parties at at the Holiday Inn and illicit tete-a-tetes at the Sun 'n' Sand Hotel were an essential ingredient of every film magazine's gossip columns.

Juhu Beach, Juhu Beach tours, Visit Juhu Beach of Maharashtra, Travel to Juhu Beach, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra
Kihim and Mandwa, Kihim and Mandwa tours, Visit Kihim and Mandwa of Maharashtra, Travel to Kihim and Mandwa, Beaches

Kihim and Mandwa

Kihim and Mandawa is almost 10 km away from Mumbai. Kihim has dense coconut trees that give a pollution free green location. This is a place for the nature lovers who want to spend some time with the beauty of the nature.

Madh Island Beach

Even though Madh Island is fairly a rural sort, but it is quite enjoyable to walk down along the villages of fishermen. This can at least give some peace of mind to the hurried and exhausted life.

Madh Island Beach, Madh Island Beach tours, Visit Madh Island Beach of Maharashtra, Travel to Madh Island Beach
Mandwa, Mandwa tours, Visit Mandwa of Maharashtra, Travel to Mandwa, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra

Mandwa - Kihim

It is beautiful beach located 18 km north of Alibag on the north coast. A clear day and sky gives a breathtaking view right up to the Gateway of India. Dr. Salim Ali's favourite hunt, it has woods brimming with wild flowers, rare butterflies and birds.

Marine Drive

The Marine Drive beach is also an significant beach known as the Chopwpatty beach. It is situated in the center of Mumbai and is related to the historical freedom movement. This beach is also a popular picnic spot for tourists as well as for local's residents.

Marine Drive, Marine Drive tours, Visit Marine Drive of Maharashtra, Travel to Marine Drive, Beaches and Lakes]
Marve Manori Gorai, Marve Manori Gorai tours, Visit Marve Manori Gorai of Maharashtra, Travel to Marve Manori Gorai

Marve Manori Gorai

Marve, also recognized as Borivali is a village very close to Mumbai. Now this place has become quite industrialized, but its beauty remains the same. One can witness the remains of colonial time in Marve.

Murud Janjira

Murud-Janjira is situated close to Alibagh, which is the headquarter of Raigad district. It is one of the most popular and alluring beaches of Maharashtra.

Murud Janjira, Murud Janjira tours, Visit Murud Janjira of Maharashtra, Travel to Murud Janjira, Beaches and Lakes
Shriwardhan, Shriwardhan tours, Visit Shriwardhan of Maharashtra, Travel to Shriwardhan, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra


One more unexplored jewel in the long Konkan coastline, Shriwardhan bay is simply irresistible to beach lovers.


Takarali beach is known for is clarity of water. One can occasionally see the seabed unto a depth of 20 ft. If we look the beach panoramically, one can see the serene prettiness with shuru trees and wide Karli River at the background.

Tarkali, Tarkali tours, Visit Tarkali of Maharashtra, Travel to Tarkali, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra, Beach Holidays
Velneshwar, Velneshwar tours, Visit Velneshwar of Maharashtra, Travel to Velneshwar, Beaches and Lakes of Maharashtra


Velneshwar is an ideal beach for swimming and sunbathing. The green coconut palm grooves and rock free seawater make the beach so beautiful and attractive. Despite, Velneshwar is a small village, which is in the north of Shastri River, this beach is quite famous.

Vengurla Malvan

Vengurla is well-known for its long stretch of iridescent sand, lined up with solid cashew, coconut, jackfruit and mango groves. Vengurla rocks or Burnt Islands is so near to this beach. Malvan has now become a part of the mainland.

Vengurla Malvan, Vengurla Malvan tours, Visit Vengurla Malvan of Maharashtra, Travel to Vengurla Malvan, Beaches and Lakes
Vijaydurg Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg Sindhudurg tours, Visit Vijaydurg Sindhudurg of Maharashtra, Travel to Vijaydurg

Vijaydurg Sindhudurg

The great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji used Vijaydurg - Sindhudurg as naval base for the period of his reign. So this place has lots of chronological sites to see apart from the picturesque beaches. The most important of all is the Vijayadurg fort built by Shivaji in the 17th century.


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