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Home>>West India>>Maharashtra>>Historical Places of Maharashtra

Historical Places of Maharashtra

Agakhan Palace, Agakhan Palace historical, Agakhan Palace travel, Agakhan Palace tourism, Agakhan Palace Historical Place Aga Khan Palace

On Nagar Road, this Palace is also recognized as Kasturba Gandhi Memorial or Kasturba Samadhi. This palace was built in 1892 by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Agakhan III and was donated to India in 1969 by Aga Khan IV.

Ajanta-Ellora Caves

The Ajanta caves are 108 kms north-east of Aurangabad .The caves are carved in the rock face which is in the face which is in the form of a horse-shoe through which flows the stream Waghora.Situated in this beautiful surroundings are 30 Buddhist caves some unfinished comprising of either viharas (monastic halls) or chaityas(chapels)containing

Ajanta-Ellora caves, Ajanta-Ellora caves historical, Ajanta-Ellora caves travel, Ajanta-Ellora caves tourism

Bassein Fort, Bassein Fort historical, Bassein Fort travel, Bassein Fort tourism, Bassein Fort Historical Place Bassein Fort in Maharashtra

A Portuguese stronghold till 1739 when the Marathas took over, Bassein Fort is a place you should not miss on your tour of forts in Maharashtra.

Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal

In the calm residential area of Sadashiv Peth lies the grey stone building of Bharata Itihasa Samshodhaka Mandala.

Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal, Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal historical, Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal travel, Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal tourism, Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal Historical Place, travel to Bharata Itihasa Samshodhak Mandal Monument
Bibi Ka Maqbara, Bibi Ka Maqbara historical, Bibi Ka Maqbara travel, Bibi Ka Maqbara tourism, Bibi Ka Maqbara Historical Bibi Ka Maqbara

Bibi Ka Maqbara is the tomb of Begum Rabia Durani,wife of Emperor Aurangazeb. The monument is an excellent example of Persian Architecture.

Bombay Natural History Society

This private institution was established in 1883, A unique centre, its behavior are manifold and involve publications like the Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, usual newsletters and books on Indian animals, birds and nature.

Bombay Natural History Society, Bombay Natural History Society historical, Bombay Natural History Society travel
Daulatabad Fort, Daulatabad Fort historical, Daulatabad Fort travel, Daulatabad Fort tourism, Daulatabad Fort Historical Daulatabad Fort

Almost 800 years ago, Daulatabad, then called 'Devigiri' was a thriving city. It was founded by Bhillamraja of the Yadava dynasty in 1187 AD. Later, the fort of Daulatabad passed through the hands of several dynasties in the Deccan.

Elephanta Caves

One of the major attractions of Maharashtra, the Elephanta Caves is located near the metropolitan city of Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves, Elephanta Caves historical, Elephanta Caves travel, Elephanta Caves tourism, Elephanta Caves Historical
Flora Fountain, Flora Fountain historical, Flora Fountain travel, Flora Fountain tourism, Flora Fountain Historical Place Flora Fountain

Flora fountain stands at a busy five-point intersection in the heart of the comercial fort area. The beautifully sculptured fountain was erected in the memory of the Governer, Sir Henery Bartle Edward Frere, as a tribute for his contribution towards the building of Mumbai.

Gateway of India

Mumbai's most famous monument, this is the starting point for most tourists who want to explore the city.

Gateway of India, Gateway of India historical, Gateway of India travel, Gateway of India tourism, Gateway of India
Haji Ali Mosque, Haji Ali Mosque historical, Haji Ali Mosque travel, Haji Ali Mosque tourism, Haji Ali Mosque Historical Haji Ali Mosque

This mosque is located in the causeway protruding into the Arabian Sea. The white mosque is the tomb of Saint Haji Ali. Haji Ali was a rich Muslim who renounced the world and proceeded to Mecca.

Heras Institute of Indian History & Culture

Displayed at the Heras Institute arc group of Mesopotamian antiquities like cylindrical seals and terracotta objects.

Heras Institute of Indian History, Heras Institute of Indian History historical, Heras Institute of Indian History travel
Janjira Fort, Janjira Fort historical, Janjira Fort travel, Janjira Fort tourism, Janjira Fort Historical Place Janjira Fort, Maharashtra

Built In The Janjira Fort was built by the rulers of the Ahmed Nagar under the patronage of emperor Malik Amber in the 15th century AD.

Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art

Jehangir Art Gallery is situated at Kala Ghoda locality of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Constructed in 1952, this art gallery is the most prestigious and modern place for Indian artistes in the city.

Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art, Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art historical, Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art travel, Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art tourism, Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art Historical Place, travel to Jehangir Nicholson Museum of Modern Art Monument
Karla, Bhaja & Bedsa Caves, Karla, Bhaja & Bedsa Caves historical, Karla, Bhaja & Bedsa Caves travel, Karla, Bhaja

Karla, Bhaja & Bedsa Caves

Karla Caves about 10 kms from Lonavla is the site of the biggest Chaitya cave in India dating back to 80 B.C.Carved inside are a numeral of inscriptional records in Brahmi characters giving the names of donors who contributed for the excavation of this cave.

Kesari Wada

Tell tale signs of modern civilization stare one in the face. Cement dampers stand outside the courtyard where once Sayajirao Gaikwad, the prince of Baroda state used to live.

Kesari Wada, Kesari Wada historical, Kesari Wada travel, Kesari Wada tourism, Kesari Wada Historical Place, travel
Khuldabad, Khuldabad historical, Khuldabad travel, Khuldabad tourism, Khuldabad Historical Place, travel to Khuldabad


22 Kms. From Aurangabad. Khuldabad is called the "Valley of the Saints" because of a large-scale Sufi migration to this spot a number of hundred years ago.

Lal Mahal

In its present renovated avatar, a formation of the Pune Municipal Corporation in 1983, the Lal Mahal resembles more a sandstone- red palace, than a traditional Wada.

Lal Mahal, Lal Mahal historical, Lal Mahal travel, Lal Mahal tourism, Lal Mahal Historical Place, travel to Lal Mahal
Mani Bhawan Mahatama Gandhi Museum, Mani Bhawan Mahatama Gandhi Museum historical, Mani Bhawan Mahatama Gandhi Museum Mani Bhawan Mahatama Gandhi Museum (Mumbai)

A memorial to Mahatama Gandhi, who stayed at these premises a number of times between 1917 and 1934. It contains a collection of books on and by the Mahatama.

Mastani Mahal

Legends about Mastani and her presumed stay at Shaniwar Wada apart, it is most certain that Bajirao I did build for her a palace at Kothrud. Laying waste in the wilderness, the Mahal was recreated by Pune's 'Kaka' Dinkar Kelkar.

Mastani Mahal, Mastani Mahal historical, Mastani Mahal travel, Mastani Mahal tourism, Mastani Mahal Historical Place
Murud Janjira Fort, Murud Janjira Fort historical, Murud Janjira Fort travel, Murud Janjira Fort tourism, Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira Fort in Maharashtra

The island fort of Murud Janjira is a well-known architectural heritage from a lesser-known dynasty that has stood unconquered for centuries.

National Gallery of Modern Art

The national gallery of Modern art in Mumbai exhibits plenty of modern Indian art which are of a very elevated quality.

National Gallery of Modern Art, National Gallery of Modern Art historical, National Gallery of Modern Art travel
National Maritime Museum, National Maritime Museum historical, National Maritime Museum travel, National Maritime Museum tourism, National Maritime Museum Historical Place, travel to National Maritime Museum Monument National Maritime Museum (Mumbai)

National Maritime Museum is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The museum conserve the historical assets of India obtained from other countries and models of ships built in Mumbai.

Nehru Science Center

Nehru Science Centre exhibits actively involve the visitor in discovering information through participation in the demonstration process.

Nehru Science Center, Nehru Science Center historical, Nehru Science Center travel, Nehru Science Center tourism, Nehru
Panhala Fort, Panhala Fort historical, Panhala Fort travel, Panhala Fort tourism, Panhala Fort Historical Place Panhala Fort in Maharashtra

A well-liked hill station destination, Panhala is also famous for its Panhala Fort that was host to Shivaji and his entourage during the height of his glory.

Prince of Wales Museum of Western India

Prince of Wales Museum King George V, who as Prince of Wales, laid the foundation stone of this museum in 1905.

Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Prince of Wales Museum of Western India travel, Prince of Wales Museum
Raigad Fort, Raigad Fort travel, Raigad Fort tourism, Raigad Fort Historical Place, travel to Raigad Fort Monument Raigad Fort

This is the very heart of Maratha country -- Raigad, the capital of Shivaji's kingdom. Strategically perched atop a wedge-shaped block of hill, split off from the Western Ghats and inaccessible from three sides.

Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum (Pune) 

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is in Pune, Maharashtra. The museum has nearly around 20,000 collections of objects paintings, handicrafts, armour-suits, musical instruments and many other objects of art and artifacts collected from all over the world.  

Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum, Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum travel, Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum tourism, Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum
Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum, Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum travel, Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum tourism, Shahaji Chhatrapati Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum (Kolhapur)

Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum is at fresh Palace in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Curious and interesting set from the possessions of Maharaja Shahaji Chhatrapati like guns, trophies and clothes are potted here.

Shri Bhavani Museum (Aundh)

Shri Bhavani Museum in Aundh, which is 48 km from Satara in Maharashtra. The museum has 500 miniature paintings of all major schools - Jaipur, Kangra, Mughal, Punjab, Bijapur, Pahadi and Maratha of the period between 15th and 19th century.

Shri Bhavani Museum, Shri Bhavani Museum travel, Shri Bhavani Museum tourism, Shri Bhavani Museum Historical Place, travel to Shri Bhavani Museum Monument
Sinhagad Fort, Sinhagad Fort travel, Sinhagad Fort tourism, Sinhagad Fort Historical Place, travel to Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad -- where valour is etched on every stone and the soil has turned red seeped by the blood of martyrs! From the time when a Koli chieftain, Nag Naik stoutly defended this fort (AD 1328)

Taraporewala Aquarium (Mumbai)

Taraporewala Aquarium is at crowded locality of Marine Drive in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has nautical life and rare kind of fishes and beautiful pearl jewellery.

Taraporewala Aquarium, Taraporewala Aquarium travel, Taraporewala Aquarium tourism, Taraporewala Aquarium Historical Place
Tilak Smarak Mandir, Tilak Smarak Mandir travel, Tilak Smarak Mandir tourism, Tilak Smarak Mandir Historical Place Tilak Smarak Mandir

Tilak Smarak Mandir on Tilak Road is a building commemorating the immense freedom fighter and communal reformer Lokmanya Tilak.

Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum is situated at Pune in Maharashtra. It is close to the railway line, which is just east to the railway station. Maharashtra is a huge country and there are uncountable numbers of tribal in this country.

Tribal Museum, Tribal Museum travel, Tribal Museum tourism, Tribal Museum Historical Place, travel to Tribal Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum travel, Victoria & Albert Museum tourism, Victoria & Albert Museum Victoria & Albert Museum

Adjoining the Victoria Gardens, this museum built in the Greco-Roman style houses archaeological finds, maps and photographs depicting the history of Mumbai.

Victoria Terminus

A major landmark of Mumbai city is the Victoria Terminus, designed in Italian Gothic style by Architect F. W. Stevens. Recently renamed as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, it is one of Mumbai's most prominent buildings and architecturally one of the finest stations in the world.

Victoria Terminus, Victoria Terminus travel, Victoria Terminus tourism, Victoria Terminus Historical Place, travel
Vishram Baug, Vishram Baug travel, Vishram Baug tourism, Vishram Baug Historical Place, travel to Vishram Baug Monument Vishrambaug

A three-storied mansion remarkable for its good-looking entrance and the balcony with carved woodwork classic of the Peshwa period.

Vijaydurg & Sindhudurg Fort

Once naval bases, Vijaydurg and Sindhudurg bear testimony to Maharashtra's martial supremacy during Shivaji's reign.

Vijaydurg & Sindhudurg Fort, Vijaydurg & Sindhudurg Fort travel, Vijaydurg & Sindhudurg Fort tourism

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>> Khuldabad

>> Lal Mahal

>> Mani Bhawan Mahatma Gandhi ...

>> Mastani Mahal

>> Murud Janjira Fort In ...

>> National Gallery Of Modern Art

>> National Maritime Museum

>> Nehru Science Center

>> Panhala Fort In Maharashtra

>> Prince Of Wales Museum Of ...

>> Raigad Fort

>> Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

>> Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum

>> Shri Bhavani Museum

>> Sinhagad Fort

>> Taraporewala Aquarium

>> Tilak Smarak Mandir

>> Tribal Museum

>> Victoria Terminus

>> Victoria And Albert Museum  


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