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Home>>East India>>Manipur>>Arts-Crafts>>Nongdai Jagoi

Nongdai Jagoi

Nongdai Jagoi

Nongdai Jagoi, Nongdai Jagoi art and craft, Nongdai Jagoi art of Manipur, Nongdai Jagoi Arts & Crafts In ManipurThe dance of commencing the split in the sky, the splitting of the rainbow in the sky by the Guru Sidaba. The hands are moved skywards in trying to bring the two parts jointly. In Leitai Dance, The waist is moved in circular movements depicting the spreading of earth dirt on the web-like framework. When the earth was finished and divided into diverse divisions, the dance started by moving hands from side to side.

Leitai Dance depicts the formation of the trace with the dirt from the Guru's navel. The dance steps are done on tiptoes. Lai-Haraoba is performed in worship of gods like Pakhangba, Thangjing etc. It has got three main forms. The Kanglei Lai-Haraoba is celebrated at the palace.

The Moirang Lai-Haraoba is celebrated in the honour of Lord Thangjing and the Chakpa Lai-Haraoba which is basically observed by Loi people. Lai Haraoba takes place in Manipuri month of Kalen (April/May). It continues for a week.

There are certain days of the month which are considered propitious and the festival is celebrated on these dates like 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. The deities are represented by a pair of bamboo tubes, wooden or brass mark with cloths placed below and above, pieces of wood or iron or a coin etc.


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