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Lord Sanamahi Temple

Lord Sanamahi Temple (Imphal)

Lord Sanamahi Temple, Visit Lord Sanamahi Temple of Manipur, Temple tour of Lord Sanamahi Temple, Religious place of
The temple is located in Imphal town in the first Manipur Rifle Ground. It was patronized by king Kulachandra in 1891. The structure is raised on an octagonal base. The southern side has got flying steps. The facade carries a rectangular door. In the octagonal structure each component wall meets the double cornice.

The cornice below and above has got a sequence arranged in a line over the octagonal structure. The roof structure is in pyramidal Gothic Style. The arches incline at 45 degree to form a tapering octagonal structure which is truncated by Amalaka-sila, on the top, in a form of a circular disc. It carries a pinnacle.

The structure is made in bricks. There has been a enough effort to explore the artistic designs in constructing the structure itself in a peculiar architectural design and by giving a stylizes figure to the double cornice. It is the only temple animistic faith of Manipur which was constructed particularly to enshrine the animistic deity. The temple is also important for its architectural variety.

The deity Lord Sanamahi is worshipped in the temple. The rituals are of typical Hindu style. The decoration of deity and puja system is based on Hindu methods. The dress of the priest performing the rituals is indistinguishable from a Hindu priest. The puja performed by the priest daily in morning and evening at appropriate times of Ushakala and Samdhyakala.

A weekly puja known as 'Sagalchham' is performed on Tuesday. The yearly festival is celebrated at the temple during 'Cheiraoba' which is the annual year festival of Manipur and another annual festival celebrated during September at the temple is called Honjnungha.

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thoi meitei
I said to everyone,i have a god which is d creater of universe. Everytime sonchari sidaba mapu, sidaba mapu, sidaba mapu...everymoning ,everynight. I am requesting to buld the temple in huge, colourfu ...
15th Jan 2009 04:07:08  |  0 Discussions  |  more...

thoi meitei
LAININGTHOU SANAMAHI is my only religion and he is the supreme and creater of universe, he kept me birth in this universe. So i am requesting the LORD SANAMAHI Temple board to build our temple very v ...
15th Jan 2009 03:51:03  |  0 Discussions  |  more...

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