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Beaches & Lakes of Meghalaya

Bishop and Beadon Falls, Bishop and Beadon Falls tours, Visit Bishop and Beadon Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Bishop

Bishop and Beadon Falls

The Beadon Falls lies about 2 km from Bara Bazaar. There is a hydroelectric powerhouse at the stand of the falls. The Bishop Falls is also nearby and together they mingle and flow into the Umiam River.

Crinoline Falls

Located in the center of the city adjacent to the Lady Hydari Park with its mini zoo, lies the Crinoline Falls which cascades through its jungle path.

Crinoline Falls, Crinoline Falls tours, Visit Crinoline Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Crinoline Falls, Beaches and Lakes of Meghalaya, Beach Holidays

Elephant Falls, Elephant Falls tours, Visit Elephant Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Elephant Falls, Beaches and Lakes Elephant Falls

12 kms on the outskirts of the city the mountain stream descends through two successive falls set in dells of fern-covered rocks.

Imilchang Dare

A waterfall of immense visual good looks is to be found close to the Tura-Chokpot Road in West Garo Hills district.

Imilchang Dare, Imilchang Dare tours, Visit Imilchang Dare of Meghalaya, Travel to Imilchang Dare, Beaches and Lakes

Noh Kalikai Falls, Noh Kalikai Falls tours, Visit Noh Kalikai Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Noh Kalikai Falls, Beaches Nohkalikai Falls

A few kilometres to the west of Cherrapunjee, a clear bubbling stream emerges from its steep mountain bed to hurtle down a rocky precipice into a deep gorge, creating a captivating view of magnificent beauty.

Spread Eagle Falls

A soothing setting between the calmness and tranquility of nature - a flavoursome treat to your eyes. Located on the ourskirts of the city, lies a sparkling waterfall which looks like an eagle with wings spread out.

Spread Eagle Falls, Spread Eagle Falls tours, Visit Spread Eagle Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Spread Eagle Falls, Beaches

Sweet Falls, Sweet Falls tours, Visit Sweet Falls of Meghalaya, Travel to Sweet Falls, Beaches and Lakes of Meghalaya Sweet Falls

Situated near Happy Valley, most suitable for a day's outing. This surely satisfies you and makes your holiday most fulfilling.

Thadlaskein Lake

This lake is a sought after destination as it offers lot of scope for boating and picnics. Tourists visit this place for outings and to enjoy its calm and peaceful environs.

Thadlaskein Lake, Thadlaskein Lake tours, Visit Thadlaskein Lake of Meghalaya, Travel to Thadlaskein Lake, Beaches

The Ward Lake, The Ward Lake tours, Visit The Ward Lake of Meghalaya, Travel to The Ward Lake, Beaches and Lakes The Ward Lake

Located in the heart of Shillong, there stands a beautiful man-made Lake known as Ward's Lake. The lake and its gradually rolling grounds are hemmed in by lush green slopes.

Umiam or Barapani (A large Lake)

Umian Khwan (Barapani), offers water sports facilities including sailing, water skiing, water scooter. Nehru Park is an ideal quiet holiday resort.

Umiam or Barapani, Umiam or Barapani tours, Visit Umiam or Barapani of Meghalaya, Travel to Umiam or Barapani, Beaches


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