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Pawl Kut Festival

Pawl Kut Festival

Pawl Kut Festival, Pawl Kut Festival travel, Pawl Kut Festival of Mizoram, Fair and Festival of Mizoram, Mizoram fairs festivals tourPawl Kut is Harvest Festival - celebrated during December to January after the harvests are over. It is perhaps the greatest festival, with plenty of grains in the barn and all the labours of the year over, what better time is there than this to have a great festival.

There is a legend regarding the origin of this festival. In the olden days when the Mizos were living to the east of the Tiau River in the Chin Hills, which is now in Burma, there was famine for three consecutive years. In the fourth year the people had a bumper crop. The people believed that this was a blessing of the supreme god and as a thanksgiving they celebrated Pawl Kut.

It was customary for everyone to eat meat and eggs during Pawl Kut. A few days before the day is fixed for the feast, the men would go out hunting wild animals, trapping birds or fishing. One would get as much meat as one's means would permit. Even the poorest would kill at least a fowl for the household eat.

As in Chapchar Kut, mothers and children would gather together at the Lungdawh bringing with them plates of rice, boiled eggs and meat and feed one another performing Chhawnghnawt. The young men and girls would also attend the Chhawnghnawt. The men would collect in the houses of well-to-do persons and Zu would be drunk. The festivities were followed by Eipuar Awm Ni or the day of rest.


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