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Historical Place of Mizoram

Buddha's Image

An engraved image of Lord Buddha has been found about 8 Km away from Mualchang village and 50 Km from Lunglei town. On either side of the Lord's image there are images of dancing girls.

Buddha's Image, Buddha's Image travel, Buddha's Image tourism, Buddha's Image Historical Place, travel to Buddha's Image Monument

Mangkahia Lung, Mangkahia Lung travel, Mangkahia Lung tourism, Mangkahia Lung Historical Place, travel to Mangkahia Lung Monument Mangkahia Lung

At Champhai in Aizawl district, near the Burma border, there is a very large memorial stone called Mangkahia Lung ( Mangkhaia's stone).

Memorial of Chhingpui

There is a memorial stone for a beautiful young woman called Chhingpui in a place between Baktawng and Chhingchhip village on the Aizawl-Lunglei road.

Memorial of Chhingpui, Memorial of Chhingpui travel, Memorial of Chhingpui tourism, Memorial of Chhingpui Historical Place, travel to Memorial of Chhingpui Monument

Mizoram State Museum, Mizoram State Museum travel, Mizoram State Museum tourism, Mizoram State Museum Historical Place, travel to Mizoram State Museum Monument Mizoram State Museum

This This museum is settled at Mc Donald Hill at the center of the town. Though small, it has an interesting array of historical relics

Phulpui Grave

There are two graves at Phulpui village in the Aizawl district of Mizoram India. It is said that, Zawlpala, Chief of Phulpui village, married the legendary beauty, Talvungi of Thenzawl.

Phulpui Grave, Phulpui Grave travel, Phulpui Grave tourism, Phulpui Grave Historical Place, travel to Phulpui Grave Monument

Sibuta Lung, Sibuta Lung travel, Sibuta Lung tourism, Sibuta Lung Historical Place, travel to Sibuta Lung Monument Sibuta Lung

This is a memorial stone found at Tachhip village, 20 Km from Aizawl town. It was erected by a Palian chief about 300 years ago.

Thangliana Lung

Captian T.H.Lewin was one of the first Englishmen to come to Mizoram.

Thangliana Lung, Thangliana Lung travel, Thangliana Lung tourism, Thangliana Lung Historical Place, travel to Thangliana Lung Monument

Tomb of Vanhimailian, Tomb of Vanhimailian travel, Tomb of Vanhimailian tourism, Tomb of Vanhimailian Historical Place, travel to Tomb of Vanhimailian Monument Tomb of Vanhimailian

Vanhimailian Sailo was a great chief who ruled over Champhai. A tomb was erected in his memory overlooking the vast Champhai plain.


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More Information About Mizoram

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