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Home>>Mount Abu Tourism

Mount Abu Tourism

Mount Abu Rajasthan is a very popular tourist destination. The landscape is beautiful and exciting. Mount Abu city has many beautiful palaces and forts such as Achalgarh Fort, Dilwara Jain Temples, Museum and Art Gallery. Other charms of Mount Abu include Nakki Lake and its beautiful Guru Shikar. Mount Abu has been picture the attention of tourists from all over the world. Mount Abu is famous for its wonderful forts and palaces. Forts and palaces, temples and havelis, culture and tradition, Mount Abu has them all and in plenty. Mount Abu has long attracted both the domestic and outside tourist.

A pleasant retreat set amidst the lush forested hills, Mt. Abu is a green oasis in the barren deserts cape that's Rajasthan. Situated at the southern tip of the Aravali range the hill retreat owes its cool climate to its rich flora covering the entire hillside that includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs.
The road leading to Mount Abu is a curved one characterized by arid region dotted with huge rocks in weird shapes and high velocity winds. The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is more than just a summer retreat.

Rajasthan Mount Abu tourism is a very well known thing and once a trip will require you for several trips to the place. The holiday in India's Mount Abu is interesting with the magnificent palaces of maharajas of the past time. On your Mount Abu tourism don't miss the Achalgarh Fort, Dilwara Jain Temples, and Shri Raghunathji Temple. Tourism of Mount Abu is for sure full of fun and play. Mount Abu is also the major tourist and transport center of Rajasthan tourist track.

Most Popular Attractions In Mount Abu

Dilwara Temple

The Jain temples at Dilwara, near Mount Abu are considered to be masterpieces of temple architecture.

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Lok Kala Museum, Lok Kala Museum travel, Lok Kala Museum tourism, Lok Kala Museum Historical Place, travel to Lok Kala

Lok Kala Museum

The attractive set exhibited in this minute museum which is a base for the preservation of folk arts includes dresses, dolls, masks, musical instruments and paintings.

Kiradu Ancient Temples

Kiradu Ancient Temples lie at a distance of 39km from Barmer city in Hathma village.

Kiradu Ancient Temples, Visit Kiradu Ancient Temples of Rajasthan, Temple tour of Kiradu Ancient Temples, Religious place
Mount Abu Sanctuary, Travel to Mount Abu Sanctuary, Animals wildlife and heritage of Rajasthan, Wildlife Sanctuary Mount Abu Sanctuary

Located at the highest peak (1722 mts above the sea level) of Aravali, the Guru Shikhar lies in this 289 sq kms sanctuary. Established in 1960, provides shelter to the wild boar, sambhar and leopard.


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