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Home>>East India>>Nagaland>>Art & Crafts of Nagaland

Art & Crafts of Nagaland

Bamboo Work, Bamboo Work art and craft, Bamboo Work art of Nagaland, Bamboo Work Arts & Crafts In Nagaland, Nagaland Arts

Bamboo Work(Basketry)

The forests in Nagaland are rich in Bamboo and cane. Naturally therefore, Nagas are expert basket makers. The craft is restricted to men.


Blacksmithy, though a relatively recent craft, is more well-liked. The smiths create the normal requirements of villagers like the Dao, axe, sickle, knives, spear points and butts etc.

Blacksmithy, Blacksmithy art and craft, Blacksmithy art of Nagaland, Blacksmithy Arts & Crafts In Nagaland, Nagaland

Pottery, Pottery art and craft, Pottery art of Nagaland, Pottery Arts & Crafts In Nagaland, Nagaland Arts Crafts, Arts Pottery

Pottery is not very well-liked and is practiced in very little villages. There is no spinning wheel; the Nagas make their pots by the use of hands only. The craft is restricted to women and the turnover is not large.


In Nagaland, rotary and weaving is an exclusive monopoly of the women. Colourful shawls, bags and jackets are woven out of this workmanship.

Weaving, Weaving art and craft, Weaving art of Nagaland, Weaving Arts & Crafts In Nagaland, Nagaland Arts Crafts

Wood Carving, Wood Carving art and craft, Wood Carving art of Nagaland, Wood Carving Arts & Crafts In Nagaland, Nagaland Wood-Carving

Woodcarving is another work of artistry in the blood of Naga people. It can be explained under three heads namely headhunting, decoration of the Morungs (man's communal houses) and funerary images erected.


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