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Home>>East India>>Orissa>>Arts & Craft of Orissa

Arts & Craft of Orissa

Applique Work, Applique Work art and craft, Applique Work art of Orissa, Applique Work Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa

Applique Work

The appliqué art perfected by the artisans of Pipli, a village 40 km from Puri on the Bhubaneswar-Puri route, now decorates homes in various parts of the world.

Brass & Bell Metal

The fine engravings on brass and bellmetal utensils, bronze bangles and pots are important aspects of Orissan art. Artefacts made of metal, particolarly brass, find pride of place in the homes of Orissa. Beautiful lamps and lamp-stands are used during the worship of deities.

Brass & Bell Metal, Brass & Bell Metal art and craft, Brass & Bell Metal art of Orissa, Brass & Bell Metal Arts & Crafts

Jhoti or Chita, Jhoti or Chita art and craft, Jhoti or Chita art of Orissa, Jhoti or Chita Arts & Crafts In Orissa Jhoti or Chita & Muruja

They are called jhoti or chita and are drawn not merely with the intention of decorating the house, but to establish a relationship between the mystical and the material, thus being highly symbolical and meaningful.

Metal Work

Metal craft has reached a great deal of perfection in Orissa with some truly indigenous designs emerging from its craftsmen's skills.

Metal Work, Metal Work art and craft, Metal Work art of Orissa, Metal Work Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts Crafts

Paintings, Paintings art and craft, Paintings art of Orissa, Paintings Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts Crafts Paintings

Rock Paintings Even at the most basic level Orissan paintings have a colour and vibrancy that are one of the most effective media of reflecting life.

Palm Leaf Writing

Away from the shops and bazaars, in some friendly Oriyan household or in a temple or at an astrologer's place, the ancient art of palm leaf writing still survives.

Palm Leaf Writing, Palm Leaf Writing art and craft, Palm Leaf Writing art of Orissa, Palm Leaf Writing Arts & Crafts

Patta Chitra, Patta Chitra art and craft, Patta Chitra art of Orissa, Patta Chitra Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts Patta Chitra 

Just 70 km away, on the sea coast lies Puri, a temple and beach town that shares and mirrors some of Bhubaneswar's arts and crafts, even as it nurtures arts and crafts that are uniquely its own.

Sand Arts

In Orissa ,a unique type of art form is developed at Puri . But it spreads all over the world. To carve a sand statue, the raw material is the simply clean and fine grained sand mixed with water.

Sand Arts, Sand Arts art and craft, Sand Arts art of Orissa, Sand Arts Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts Crafts, Arts]

Silver Filigree, Silver Filigree art and craft, Silver Filigree art of Orissa, Silver Filigree Arts & Crafts In Orissa Silver Filigree

Tarkashi, or silver filigree from Cuttack region, is one of the most exquisite renditions of silver craft. Beaten silver is drawn into fine wires and foils which are then fashioned together to create jewellery of infinite beauty.

Stone Carving

Stone carving is a very major handicraft of Orissa. As is evident from the innumerable archaeological monuments, rock-cut sculptures, caves and temples built for centuries

Stone Carving, Stone Carving art and craft, Stone Carving art of Orissa, Stone Carving Arts & Crafts In Orissa

Tribal Combs, Tribal Combs art and craft, Tribal Combs art of Orissa, Tribal Combs Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts Tribal Combs

Comb & Lanjia Saora Comb of the sixty-two tribes inhabiting Orissa, 12-15 tribes know the art of comb making.

Tribal Handicrafts

Though there are very few potters among the tribals, the tribal people expand their patronage to the other potters.

Tribal Handicrafts, Tribal Handicrafts art and craft, Tribal Handicrafts art of Orissa, Tribal Handicrafts Arts & Crafts

Tribal Handlooms, Tribal Handlooms art and craft, Tribal Handlooms art of Orissa, Tribal Handlooms Arts & Crafts Tribal Handlooms

Orissa is a thickly tribal inhabited state, consisting of sixty-two tribes living in different parts of the state - in the highlands, forests, valleys and in the foot hills.

Wood Carving

Carving Over the centuries, Puri has preserved a superb tradition of carving, dating back to the Kalinga School.

Wood Carving, Wood Carving art and craft, Wood Carving art of Orissa, Wood Carving Arts & Crafts In Orissa, Orissa Arts


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