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Mahanadi River

Mahanadi River

Mahanadi River, Mahanadi River tours, Visit Mahanadi River of Orissa, Travel to Mahanadi River, Beaches and Lakes State : Orissa
Length of The Course of River In Orissa :  560 miles

Rivers Of Orissa :
The major rivers of Orissa from north to south are the subamarekha, the Burhabalanga, the Baitarani, the Brahmani, the Mahanadi and the Rushikulya. The smaller ones are the Salandi, the Vamsadhara, the Nagavali, the Kolab, the lndravati, the Sileru, the Sabari and the Poteru. The biggest and the most important ri ver flowing through the heart-land of Orissa is the Mahanadi with a length of 853kms.

It originate from the Maikal range in Chhatisgarh, popularly known as the Amarkantak plateau which was once a part of Orissa, and enters modern Orissa northwest in the Sambalpur district near Padigan a little above Hirakud. At Hirakud, the longest earth dam in the world has been built across the river as a multipurpose river valley project with an installed capacity of 4,75,00 kms. hydel power and irrigation facility for 35,486 hectares of land, besides the basic function of flood control. From Sambalpur the Mahanadi flows through Sonepur and Boudh districts.

From Sunakhania in Boudh to Baramula in Daspalla along a distance of 14 miles it flows cutting through the rock strata of the Eastern Ghats forming a gorge, which after the length of its span goes by the name of ' Sat-Kosi a Gorge'. At Naraj, the river divides itself into two branches, the Mahanadi and the Kathajodi, which encompass the city of Cuttack on both sides.

Brahmani River
Mahanadi River, Mahanadi River tours, Visit Mahanadi River of Orissa, Travel to Mahanadi River, Beaches and Lakes Brahmani river in northeastern Orissa state, eastern India. Formed by the confluence of the Sankh and South Koel rivers in southern Bihar state, the Brahmani flows for 300 miles i.e. (480-km), winding generally the southeast part of Bonaigarh and Talcher and then turning east to join northern branches of the Mahanadi River and emptying into the Bay of Bengal at Palmyras Point.


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