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Home>>East India>>Orissa>>Historical Places of Orissa

Historical Places of Orissa

Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Museum travel, Archaeological Museum tourism, Archaeological Museum Historical Place

Archaeological Museum, Puri

One can also visit the Archaeological Museum, which is just exterior the Sun Temple to witness many sculptures and carvings found throughout the temple excavations. It is an archaeological museum established in 1968.

Caves of Udayagiri

The largest Buddhist Complex in Orissa, Udayagiri in the district of Jajpur has assumed further importance after recent excavations which revealed the ancient name of the monastery as Madhavapura Mahavihara.

Caves of Udayagiri, Caves of Udayagiri travel, Caves of Udayagiri tourism, Caves of Udayagiri Historical Place, travel

Dhauli, Dhauli travel, Dhauli tourism, Dhauli Historical Place, travel to Dhauli Monument Dhauli

Dhauli, Orissa, is famous for its Buddhist Monuments. It also happens to be the place where the bloodiest of battles was fought and won by Emperor Ashok.

District Museum, Balangir

It is situated at District Library, Khandaipada. It show Stone sculptures, metal images, metal objects, jewellery, terracotta, miniature paintings, oil paintings, anthropological objects, and others.

District Museum, District Museum travel, District Museum tourism, District Museum Historical Place, travel to District

Handicrafts Museum, Handicrafts Museum travel, Handicrafts Museum tourism, Handicrafts Museum Historical Place, travel Handicrafts Museum, Bhubaneswar

A large set of Orissan handicrafts, among them stone statue, patta paintings, brass castings, horn toys and silver filigree are worth seing. Open 1000-1700 excluding Sunday.


To the west of Bhubaneswar are the twin hills of Khandagiri and Udaygiri (c. first century BC), the next major Orissan historical monument after Ashoka's rock-cut edict.

Khandagiri, Khandagiri travel, Khandagiri tourism, Khandagiri Historical Place, travel to Khandagiri Monument

Lalitgiri, Lalitgiri travel, Lalitgiri tourism, Lalitgiri Historical Place, travel to Lalitgiri Lalitgiri

Lalitgiri, Orissa, is the earliest Buddhist complex in Orissa built on a sandstone hill.

Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar

It houses a rich collection of sculptures, coins, copper plates, stone inscriptions, lithic and bronze age tools, rare manuscripts written on palm leaves, traditional and folk musical instruments.

Orissa State Museum, Orissa State Museum travel, Orissa State Museum tourism, Orissa State Museum Historical Place, travel

Ratnagiri, Ratnagiri travel, Ratnagiri tourism, Ratnagiri Historical Place, travel to Ratnagiri Monument Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri in the Birupa river valley in the district of Jajpur, is another famous Buddhist centre.

Tribal Museum, Koraput

It is a Multipurpose Museum which was established in 1976. It consists of Stone sculptures, metal images, metal objects, jewellery, terracotta, wooden and tribal worship, Objects, textiles, anthropological objects, a small zoo, open air display.

Tribal Museum, Tribal Museum travel, Tribal Museum tourism, Tribal Museum Historical Place, travel to Tribal Museum


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