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Handicrafts, Handicrafts art and craft, Handicrafts art of Punjab, Handicrafts Arts & Crafts In Punjab, Punjab Arts CraftsArt is described as a creation or expression of something beautiful especially in a visual form and Arts and Crafts as a phrase means decorative designs and handicrafts. In this field, also, Punjab has the hoary and distinguished tradition which its people have maintained in spite of vicissitudes of time.

Take as simple a thing as mud for example. Plastering the walls with mud and drawing ferns, plants, several other fascinating motifs has been a way of life of the woman of Punjab. They have also been making paper mache utencils for storing house hold necessities in colourful designs for a long time past, out of a paste made by mixing paper and various kinds of earth. A few decades ago, Sarcanda, a kind of tough; thick elastic grass used to grow in plenty at places which have now come under the plough.

Out of this grass roofs of all sizes (which provided air conditioning) were
fashioned in circular shapes. After shaving, thin straws of this grass were woven into beautiful carpets and curtains. Another useful household contrivance called Chhaj in Punjabi was manufactured out of sarcanda which is used for separating edible stuff from .the grain. Screens, used as a parting between wheat and hay, for instance, were also woven from this stuff. Baskets used for keeping haber dasbery (pins, cotton, buttons, needles, threads) in different shapes and colours and covers were contrived by young girls by using shaved sarcanda and coloured cotton thread which were taken by them as a part of dowry. In Punjabi these are called katnees. One wedding song goes like this.

Punjabi (Tyari ho gayi patolaya teri katni nu phul lag gaye) Arrangement for you have been made O beautiful one-Katni has now blossomed forth.


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