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Luna Vashi Temple

Luna Vashi Temple

Luna Vashi Temple, Visit Luna Vashi Temple of Rajasthan, Temple tour of Luna Vashi Temple, Religious place of RajasthanLocation : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Built In : 12th -15th Century AD
Dedicated to : Rishabdevji and Sambhavnathji Temple
Timings : Early Morning to 12 Noon

The other important temple here is the Luna Vashi temple dedicated to the twenty-second tirthankar Shri Neminathji. This magnificent temple was built in AD 1230 by two brothers-Vastupal and and Tejpal, both ministers of Viradhawala (a local ruler). The design and pattern of this temple was adopted from the Vimal Vashi temple, which was built earlier. Here too, the walls, doors, pillars, mandaps, and ceilings are adorned with ornamental relief carvings of a variety of subjects, from flowers and animals to royal processions and battle scenes.

The dome of the Rangamandap is outstanding - it is divided into concentric compartments by richly sculptured cordons, each intervening space being filled with elaborate and elegant designs. The Hasthi-Shala or Elephant Halls here are ten in number and each contains a white marble elephant, beautifully and proportionately carved and polished to a shine.

The Gyan Bhandar, a library containing some extremely old manuscripts, is within the temple complex. The architectural design of the Luna Vashi temple is quite similar to and seems to have been adopted from the Vimal Vashi temple. There are about 10 halls at this ancient temple that are called the Elephant Halls, there is a marble elephant in each of these rooms. These elephants are exquisitely carved out of white marble.

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