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Home>>North India>>Rajasthan>>More Attractions>>Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari , Travel to Camel Safari , Tourist attractions of Rajasthan, Tours HolidaysThe Camel Safari Circuit in India comprises of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner, all in Rajasthan. They were the princely kingdoms in the desert belt of India Rajasthan. Each was comparable in size to many modern nations of Europe.

You can see Rajasthan on a jeep safari. Or, if youíve a penchant for the high life, aboard the Palace on Wheels, Rajasthanís luxury train. But to really get a hands-on feel of the desert state, thereís no beating a camel safari. A camel safari is a great way to see the desert - visiting the villages, seeing wildlife, and riding across the open desert sands.

Camel safaris in India are a quintessentially rajasthani affair. Safari as a term in English language refers to a long journey, an odyssey with the distance to be traveled to be through a wilderness in order to give the goose bumps to the wary traveler, which is a unique aspect of adventure tourism in India. For longer camel safaris, which cover a few days, camps are usually set up at night in the vicinity of villages. Camel safaris are only held in rajasthan in India with the key zones to reach out being, the traditional and historical townships of Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

The camel fair at Pushkar can be another added attraction if the travelers want to witness a camel dance in all its elegant glory.

Travel Kit  for Camel Safari in India
1. The climate is extreme in the desert-afternoons may seem much hotter than the actual 26-30 degree Camel Safari , Travel to Camel Safari , Tourist attractions of Rajasthan, Tours Holidaystemperature may suggest. Night temperatures may drop below zero on the dunes. It is essential to stock both woolen and cotton clothing. Shorts and skirts are comfortable wear for camel safaris but remember some of the off beat routes visit villages that have not seen many tourists and locals may look askance at ladies who do not wear ankle length clothing and men in shorts.

2. At Jodhpur you can buy umbrellas that are quite convenient for camel safaris. Sunscreen cream, moisturizers and lip salve area must. A water bottle can be comfortably slung on the camel saddle and it is practical also to carry tangerines as even on a deluxe safari it may not be practical to dismount each time to drink from the carted water supply.

3. During the daytime, the sun can be blistering, so make sure youíve got along your sun hat, a pair of sun glasses, and suntan lotion. Carry a first aid kit along with you, as well as any other essentials you might need- out there in the desert, trying to find a shop which will sell you your favourite brand of soap can be a problem.

4. Itís a good idea to carry along extra blankets to cover the wooden saddle which youíll probably be sitting on. Blankets are excellent padding, and can protect you from a sore bottom after a hard dayís riding.

Getting there
Most camel safaris start from Jaisalmer, which is connected by air, train and road to the rest of India. Rajasthanís capital, Jaipur, is also a convenient base for exploring the state, whether on camel or otherwise. Jaipur has a well-connected airport, as well as regular train and bus links to a number of cities across India. All camel-safari towns in Rajasthan, such as Bikaner and Mandawa, are connected by road to Jaipur. Buses run between all the major towns of the state, and private cars or taxis can be hired to do the trip. 

Few things to be Remembered
Camel Safari , Travel to Camel Safari , Tourist attractions of Rajasthan, Tours Holidays
>>When you do start on the camel safari, keep a few things in mind. Remember that youíre travelling through the desert- itís dry, and if youíre not careful, you could get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water- at least 2 to 4 litres a day- and keep yourself well covered, to prevent sunburn.

>>Wear a sunhat and sun glasses and slap on the suntan lotion if you donít want your skin to start peeling.

>>Rajasthan, although itís fast getting as commercialised as any other part of India, still is pretty unspoilt- especially as far as the desert is concerned. Keep it that way; please donít leave a trail of junk behind you or harm the ecology and culture of this beautiful region.

Popular circuits for camel safaris are
Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa 


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